Nursery Newsletter – September

September Newsletter

Welcome Back
Our returning children (and their parents) are delighted to be back to nursery after the holidays! We have enjoyed hearing their stories and seeing how much they have grown over the summer.
We have also welcomed lots of new boys and girls into our nursery class and are pleased that everyone is becoming happy and settled.

Happy Birthday Currie Primary
It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since Curriehill and Riccarton Primary Schools amalgamated to make Currie Primary School. We have enjoyed being part of the school ‘birthday’ celebrations and the boys and girls have taken part in an¬¬¬¬ informal concert singing ‘Ten Little Fingers’ with the other classes in the school.
Our first theme of the session has been, ‘Celebrations’ and we’ve had dancing, a birthday party in the home corner, party hats, salt dough cakes and many other activities. To round off the theme, we held a garden party and enjoyed our snack al fresco.
Our Senses
While children were taking part in nursery activities, we noticed them smelling and touching display objects and other toys and decided to develop this interest into a main theme. We have had tasting sessions of different flavours of bread (the chilli bread wasn’t popular!), smelly dough to play with, herbs to sniff, different textures to touch and sounds to identify.
Morning Children
Our pre-school children require gym shoes for their weekly visit to the gym. The Red Group have a gym time on Wednesday mornings and the Blue Group on Thursday mornings.
Afternoon children will not be going to the gym for the time being.
Collection of children
We ask parents to provide an up to date list of names and phone numbers of adults who are allowed to collect their child from nursery. These lists are available in nursery if other names need to be added.
At ‘Going home time’ please wait in the parents’ queue so that staff can hand over the child to their parent/carer. We encourage the children to wait on the carpet until a member of staff calls out their name.
If children need to be collected from nursery early, please come to the main school door and wait at reception to be helped.
You may have noticed that we have introduced a method of ‘self registration’ where the children move a stone with their name on it into a box or basket. We also call a class register in the more traditional way!

Nursery Resources
We are very lucky to have a very well-resourced nursery and children are encouraged to take care of the toys and equipment. From time to time small toys or pieces of games make their way home via pockets. We would appreciate if these could be returned to nursery. Lots of games become useless if only one piece disappears.
We need a supply of ‘junk’ for making models – clean cardboard, plastic pots, bottles etc. We also like old wrapping paper and greetings cards. Occasionally we’ve had supplies of scrap paper. I am sure you will be beginning to realise how much we use. There is a wooden crate at the nursery entrance for collecting junk. Please do not send pharmaceutical packaging, meat trays or toilet roll tubes.
Thank you for supporting us in this.

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