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On Wednesday, P2/3 went on a trip to Tesco at Hermiston Gait. We have been learning about the journeys that different food makes from the time it was picked to when it arrives on our dinner plates. We call our topic Welly to Belly, but Tesco calls it Farm to Fork!

We had a great time in Tesco. We had a fruit and vegetable challenge – we never did find a blue vegetable! Then we touched different types of fish and held a bag of live mussels. We were allowed to taste some cheese. Some of it was nice but not many people liked the chocolate chip cheese!

We went into the bakery and watched the baker make some bread and pancakes. We ate the pancakes later at snack time. We all crowded into the proving oven to see if we would get taller. One of the P2s said she came out feeling like her legs had grown a bit.

We felt really cold when we stood in the huge fridge and completely freezing when we went into the freezer!

We saw where the big lorries (they call them wagons) unloaded and Laura, our guide told us how they give extra food that we can’t eat to the greyhound kennels.

We got a snack of fruit and pancakes and they gave us a big bag of fruit and vegetables to take home. It was a brilliant trip and we learned a lot.

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