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P6 are doing some creative writing at the moment based on their class topic of the Solar System. We thought you might enjoy reading one of their stories!

Lost In An Alien World

One…two…three…LIFT OFF! Travelling through space is like jumping of a diving board into a pool of light and dark. As I pass the planets I see : a burning ball of fire, the planet closest to it, a twinkling star, the planet of life, a sphere of red, the King of the Solar System, a pair of rings, a blur of blue and then I feel the coldness…

Outside the Solar System, stars fly by, dancing in the sky, until I reach a planet, my aim…Kepler.

BASH! BOOM! CLATTER, CRASH! I’ve landed. I jump of the rocket like a dolphin diving into the ocean. With all my excitement I don’t realize what’s hovering next to me. I swing myself around to find a blue creature flying by my side. It looked like a blue alien, except it had ears the size of elephants, swimming on its head, and it had feet the size of dwarfs faces, kicking the nothingness and the scariest part of all was that its body was as big as a jaguar running up and down its enclosure…

All of a sudden, the thing began talking. “I am the leader of this planet. You are now under my control. Follow me! Quick march!” he said. I felt as petrified as a fish about to get gobbled up by a great white shark. So I followed.

As I walked on, there was a river made out of mud, and grass that was made out of sharp daggers, the sky was black and in front of us was a vast palace made out of attractive white stone that looked like it was highly polished every day. In an instance, I identified what was happening to me. Two more blue marshmallows were grasping me around my shoulders to haul me over to the gargantuan building. HEEAAAVVE!!!!!

The things that were alive tugged at the door to find themselves in a whole new land: with clouds as fluffy as unicorns; and walls that were dancing to some music; grass that was as sugary and white as an extremely snowy day up in the Highlands; furniture made out chocolate that would never melt and that was completely solid, doors that had flowers sunbathing in the sun, and it had a ball of orange tucked up in bed in the corner of the room. The blue animals threw me towards one of the doors and locked me up into the room into the room inside…

SPLISH, SPLOSH, SPLASH! I tripped and fell into a pool of nothingness… Down, down, down, THUD! I crashed into something solid. I opened my eyes only to see a blur of blues and blacks…

BOING! I landed uncomfortably right onto my older brother (Finlay) lying on his bed, watching TV. “Ow! You lump!” He shouts at me. Then all of a sudden he turns blue and his ears grow as big as elephants and he turns into one of the creatures …

Emily P6A

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