Bikeability 1 and problem solving activities

Clint pedal ready Elise pedal ready Lucy (4) Theo pedal ready.

This week Primary 6a have been learning Bikeability 1 and taking part in problem solving activities.

In Bikeability we did lots of different activities to help us be more confident. We learned how to do a bike check and can now successfully carry out an M check. We practised using gears and learning when to use them. We learned how to get in to Pedal Ready Position and use a life saver look before setting off. We learned how to signal and ride with one hand off the bike without wobbling. We now have better control over our bikes when cycling slowly. We will be moving on to Bikeability 2 at Easter time, where we will learn how to turn safely at junctions.

Problem Solving has brought as closer together as a class, through team building. We got to know a bit more about the strengths of other people in our team. We learned from our mistakes and learned how to trust one another.

Mackenzie, Lewis and Jade

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