iPad Training


We’ve had a man called Mr Coutts came in from iTeach to teach us about various apps on our iPads. These apps include Keynote, Book Creator, Explain Everything and iMovie. We learnt a lot of skills on these apps like magic move on Keynote, auto rotation on Explain Everything.

On Keynote we learnt how to animate writing as it appears the same with pictures as well. Shapes were included in the training with Mr Coutts.

We learned about Book Creator. Book Creator is when you can make a book and put in words, videos and pictures.

On Explain Everything we learned a lot of new techniques including auto-rotation and how to add things and delete things. It was very fun.

Last, but not least we had iMovie. iMovie is a favourite from P7 and we have done a lot on it. We were taught about pictures on pictures, which is when there’s a video or a picture and you can put a smaller picture on a video.

We had fun.


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