P5 Maths event at Merchiston Castle

On the 3rd of March 2016 we (Erin, Cara, Hannah and Max) went to Merchiston Castle for a Maths fun day. Hannah liked how big the school was. We were up against a lot of other schools. 32 in total. On the day we did a number of things including:

  • Word problems
  • Maths puzzles
  • Maths games

In the morning we moved around 7 or 8 tables as a group and completed a different Maths challenge at each table. Some of the problems were challenging however others we found easy. Erin enjoyed the logic puzzled and Cara preferred the more hands on puzzled. Max liked playing ‘Flow’ in the iPad.

We had our lunch the split into groups of 2 for the afternoon. We did a Maths relay where we were given a problem to hand to the other pair who completed it then gave the next one to us. This went on for quite a while then the pairs started to collect their own cards.

Soon we found the scores and we came 8th out of 32 schools. At the end of the day Erin said, “The tricky questions have made me now look closer at other ones.” Cara said, “Now when I look at word problems I will look at them from different angles.”

Erin and Cara P5

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