P6a Camp to Fordell Firs

P6a went to camp on the 26th May to Fordell Firs.

The activities that we did were caving, climbing, grass sledging, fire building, camp fire, orienteering, night walk, assault course and capture the flag.


Most of us really enjoyed it but some people felt a bit claustrophobic and one person had a panic attack but over all we all had a great time. People were encouraging to people who were scared or upset, some people even made it through the Miller squeeze.


We were spit into 3 teams and we did very well, we all got at least a few centimetres off the ground, 5 people made it to the very top in my group.J

Grass sledging

Everyone did the grass sledging and 2 people went on the 1 sled and some people fell in the nettles some people came off head first!

Fire building

We lit the fire with a flint and steel. We made dough twists and we ate them with jam. (They were delicious) After we had made them we were allowed to play on a rope swing in the woods next to where we did fire building. It was fun!!!

Night walk

We met Stevie that worked at Fordell and took us around the campus, we got told spooky storys and we went passed a grave and someone in our class was the same length as the grave, he lay on it.  We went past an animal cemetery L

Camp fire

We had so much fun, we sang songs and toasted marshmallows, the songs were silly and they were all different and fun. We got back at 10:45 PM

Our Dorms/Sleeping

Are dorms were EPIC, the beds were not very comfy though, the window in one of the dorms wouldn’t close.

Tea/ Breakfast

Mrs Reid and Mrs Laing did an amazing job cooking our tea, it tasted delicious! In the morning Mr Mackenzie and Miss Mclean made bacon rolls and sausage rolls. Breakfast tasted amazing! The food was fantastic!!!


By Jade, Rosie, Catriona and Lewis


Some pictures from camp

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