Staffing and classes for school session 2016 – 2017

Below is information I am sure you have all been waiting for, teachers for each class next year! As you will see we have quite a bit of movement of staff with teacher’s leaving and new teachers coming.

We are very sad to be saying goodbye to Mrs Munro who is leaving us at the end of June after 12 years working first at Curriehill Primary and then since the amalgamation here at Currie Primary. Mrs Munro has decided to take a break from teaching to become more involved in her family business. Mrs Munro’s last day at Currie Primary will be Tuesday 28 June 2016. Mrs Dempster has decided to retire at the October break. Mrs Dempster will return to the Nursery for one term after the summer. Mrs Moyes will begin her maternity leave in August 2016, Mrs Johnston from the end of September 2016 and Mrs Finlayson from the October holidays.  Miss Sharpe and Mr Tiplady who have been with us this year are also leaving as their contracts have come to an end. Miss Sharpe has decided to go travelling for a year and Mr Tiplady will be moving to work in another school.

Mrs Turnbull is returning from maternity leave in August 2016 and will job share for the year with Mrs Pope. Miss Nicholson has decided to temporarily reduce her hours and will be working in school on Wednesday, Thursday and alternative Fridays. Joining us next session are a number of new staff. Firstly Mr McArthur, who had a successful final placement here with us over the last 2 terms, will be joining us in his probationary year and will be  supported by Mrs Finlayson until she goes on maternity leave and then by Mr Mackenzie. We are also going to be joined by a second Miss Mckay who will be supported by Miss Nicholson during her probationary year. Miss Mckay did some work experience here at Currie Primary a few years ago.  Both Mr McArthur and Miss Mackay have been in school this term and will be coming in to work with their classes and get to know them over the next couple of weeks. Miss Crerar is joining us next session too. Miss Crerar is currently working at Corstorphine Primary. In addition we have a PE specialist, Mrs Elliot, joining us for the year 2 days a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Mrs Peutherer will remain in Additional Support for Learning teacher, Mrs Galloway as our music specialist. Mrs Ferguson will still teach French or German to P6 and P7. Mrs McAndrew will continue to lead the Nursery and P1 stages, I will have overall responsibility for P2 – P4 and Mr Mackenzie P5 – P7.

We will have 15 classes next session including 1 composite class at P1/2. Children in our current P1, P2 and P3 classes are currently being organised into 2 straight P4 classes, 2 straight P3 classes, 2 straight P2 classes and a P1/2 composite class. We have these class lists in draft and will have them finalised an out to everyone by the beginning of next week.

Teachers for classes for school year 2016 / 2017 are as follows

P1A – Mrs Hattersley

P1B – Miss Brown

P1/2 – Mrs Callander

P2A – Mrs McGlynn

P2B – Mrs Johnston

P3A – Mrs Jack

P3B – Miss Crerar

P4A – Miss M. Mckay and Miss Nicholson

P4B – Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Morrison

P5A – Mr McArthur and Mrs Finlayson

P5B – Miss J. Mckay

P6A – Miss Mclean

P6B – Mrs Turnbull and Mrs Pope

P7A – Miss Laird

P7B – Mrs Tate

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