We will run 500 miles!

The children should have brought home a sponsor form this week (one per family) as we are planning on having a sponsored run on Friday 22 September 2016 to raise money for our school. It is a number of years since we focussed any fundraising specifically on school (outwit events organised by our PTA). We would like to sue this only to support 2 initiatives for school. Firstly playground developments as we would like to develop our playground to create different areas and activities for the children to use both at break and lunchtimes and during classroom time. Last year some of the children working on our Playground Council identified a number of improvements they would like including more things to climb on, a gazeebo / den, football goals, more seating etc. We are also now needing to look at repairs to or replacing our soft pour area as holes and bumps have started to appear. In addition last year and this year our P7s have what we call 1-1 devices, basically an iPad each which has proven very successful for incorporating all areas of ICT into every day classroom work – developing spreadsheets and data basis, word processing, programming etc. We currently have 4 -6 iPads in all our other classes from P1 – P6 and would like to have more in order to embed there use across learning in each class.

We hope to run 500 miles between us all (and then maybe even 500 more!) on the 22nd of September! Parents are invited to join us for this run and run with their children as a family. If you cannot raise any sponsors we hope you will come along and run with us all anyway! More details of times etc. will follow shortly. In the meantime get your running shoes on and join us as we run 500 miles!

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