A message from Mrs Dempster

Monday 24th October 2016

Dear Children, their Families, Friends,

I doubt if anyone has ever had such fantastic retirement celebrations as I have had.  I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of our Currie Primary families.  I am not sure if I am going to be able to thank everyone properly – but I’ll try.

Firstly thank you for the generous gifts, vouchers, cards and kind words that I have received.  I have appreciated the efforts and the time that people have taken on my behalf.  The beautiful piece of stained glass I was presented with at my ‘special assembly’ is amazing and takes pride of place on my sitting room window sill, allowing the light to shine through.  I love it.  In fact, my home is festooned with flowers and cards.

I was given a second piece of original art organised by Mrs Griffin.  Each child , throughout the school, stamped five finger prints on a large ‘canvas’ to make a rainbow.  The nursery children sang and signed ‘Sing a Rainbow’ at the assembly.  I have already chosen a place to display it in my flat where everyone will see and admire it.

Ross Blake rallied the troops further and persuaded each child to draw a black and white self portrait.  These were organised into a big album with drawings from nursery to Primary 7.  Thank you Ross.

The assembly was fantastic.  Every class presented a song or reading. which had a personal connection to me.  The vision of the whole staff singing, ‘Sandra Dee, teacher of the nursery,’ complete with masks of my face will take a long time to recover from!

I was pleased to have some of my family and friends present and they were all impressed with the children’s behaviour and performances which made me feel even more proud of them.

According to ‘myHR’. I started working at the former Curriehill Primary on the 28th October 1991. I was a member of the school board during the amalgamation process which resulted in the setting up of Currie Primary School. I have always felt privileged to work in Currie and have felt that the support of our families is particularly special.

Thank you to Ms Hourston and all the staff of the school, past and present, whose support and friendship I have valued. Thanks also to the members of both School Board and the PTA whose work and commitment to the school is immeasurable.  Lastly, to all the Currie families who I have had the pleasure and honour of working with over the last twenty five years, a very, very big thank you.

With love, thanks and best wishes to your families for the future,

Sandra Dempster

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