Currie Priamry School goes batty!

Last Thursday (10th November) Christa from the RSPB came to Currie Primary School. Our school is a bat ambassador school and primary 5 have been given the fantastic opportunity this year to work with the RSPB to attract bats to our local area. Today we learned all about bats to help us become experts. We have two more sessions with Christa after Christmas where we will plan what we can do in our school grounds to help bats. Last session some of our pupils helped to plant a wild flower patch on the field to attract insects for bats to eat. We look forward to seeing what other things we can do to provide a home for them in Currie. You can keep up to date with this and all our ECO work on the ECO notice board at reception.


P5 Comments

A bat can eat 3000 insects in one night. Grace Q

Bats are nocturnal. Sam

Bats are the only flying mammal. Finlay Mc

I enjoyed making the origami bat. Isla F

There are 1300 types of bats in the world. Hamish

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