Please click on the link below to access the application form and information about the current range of clubs the PTA are able to offer the pupils at Currie Primary School.

PTA After School Activity Application Form 2016 17



Thank you for helping out look after reception during our clubs. Please take a few minutes to read over the following information which will explain this role. As a parent

Please make sure you have signed in at reception and taken a visitor badge.

We need you as an extra pair of hands to deal with things like administering minor first aid or monitoring younger children as they go to the toilets. This allows the coach to continue and focus on the activity. It also minimises disruption to the office staff.
The following guidelines will be helpful to you in this role today.
First Aid: – Please use plastic barrier gloves provided if there is a cut.
If minor first aid is required, a first aid box is located in the PTA cupboard in reception (next to the assembly hall door). Please use this box for distributing plasters and minor first aid before disturbing the office staff. Ice packs are also in the PTA Cupboard in reception.

All our Coaches are qualified in First Aid and will deal with any real emergency situation.

Toilet Duty: – All children should go to the toilet unaccompanied. For the P1/2 children, you can stand in the reception area and look along the corridor to make sure the children enter the toilets and return safely. This is a child protection issue and will protect you from a child potentially reporting an incident as well as protecting the child.

Phoning Home:
Occasionally you may be required to contact a child’s parent to come and collect them. If this should happen, please use the PTA mobile phone which is stored beside the first aid box. The coach will provide you with the necessary emergency number.
At the end of the club please make sure that each child is collected by an adult. Some children may be allowed to leave on their own; the coach will have a list of these children which you can check.

We hope you enjoy the opportunity to watch what your child does at the club.
Thanks for your help today.

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