Wider Achievements

Boys Brigade Best Boy


Congratualtions to Owen who has been awarded the Best Boy trophy from the Boys Brigade for the second year running!


Athletics Success


We were taking part in the Harmeny Club Championships. Sebastian came 3rd in the 800m and second in the shot put and Rowan came 2nd in the 100m.

Dancing Trophy


Congratualtions to Erin in P3 who won this beautiful trophy for a tap and singing routine she performed for a dancing competition.

Black belt in Tae Kwon-Do

Congratualtions to Kyle, who recently achieved his black belt in Tae Kwon-Do.

Family 5 K Run

Lewis  came in 10th in The Family 5 K on Sunday. His time was 22 minutes. . It was to raise money for heart conditions. He enjoyed it and thought that his mum and dad would be proud of him running at a good time and a good pace.


Boys Brigade Award

IMG_7846 (2)

I got the medal for the most points at camp last month. The shield and trophy are for the best team at Boys Brigade. I am the team leader so my name is on the shield.

Owen P6

Ice Hockey Success


I have been playing since I was 3 and I only have to win 2 more trophies and I will beat my Dad! I play for Murrayfield Juniors. These trophies are for the under 10 Spring Classic where we won all our games. The other trophy is because I won Players Player of the Year this year and the puck is because I scored a hattrick!

Cory P2/3

Passing our exam

We did our exam just before the February holidays at the Currie Scout Hut. The exam was 45 minutes and our examiner was called Mrs Rendall.

We got our results and we both passed and got a blue medal and a certificate and we are both now in Grade 2.

Mary and Millie P5B

That’s Showbiz

On Saturday we went to Blackpool and we did three dances. We won with ‘Cyber Bully’ and ‘Applause’ and ‘Bang Bang’ came in second. There were 1000 entries in the competition! Cyber Bully is a very emotional dance and Applause is quite fierce! Bang Bang is really sacy!

We did a dance on Sunday called ‘Build a Home’ and it is about one girl looking back on her past and then looking to her future. We won first place in our mixed classic and we won overall in our mixed category. In June we are going to Jersey for the Dance World Cup!

Darcy and Hannah P6

2nd Kai

In December 2015 I achieved my 2nd Kai in Judo. I had to compete my grading test so I had to do some throws and say some Judi words in Japanese language. I am really pleased with myself and I worked hard.

Jack P3B 

TV Advert

I was in an advert for Digital TV with a wee boy called Neenow. We had to pretend that we had known each other for ages and we were playing on an iPad but we were against each other so had to take it in turns. But then I had to take 5 shots and when I won the game Neenow would have to roll round on the floor. Sometimes when it was his go I had to move his hand and say, “It’s my turn now2, but he would sue his other hand to have a go on the app. When he got all the gold into the circle balloons popped up and you had to pop all of them. Before we went on set I had to get changed 7 times into different costumes. It was fun! The advert is on all the channels, mainly kids channels though.

Hannah P6

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