P7 Cluster Basketball and Hockey Festival

P7s from Currie Primary School took part in the high school cluster event with several other P7s from our cluster schools. All the schools were fair and had great sportsmanship and each played to the best of their abilities and all showed promise of being great sports players. The groups split into two, one group went to play hockey and the other group went to play basketball. All of the students had lots of fun with the other players and all played amazing. In the end all the students were tired out after the day of fun and came back to school with an overall winning team!!

By Hamish and Abbey


P5 Girls4Tech afternoon 

On Monday we had a visit from girls 4 tech in the lunch hall.  We had six stations in total including big data, detection, cryptology and algorithms. You would go to a station and they would have a special thing.

For example at one station we got a fake bank card and there was some shops and a bank and there is a stop where we have to get a sticker and we have to go to a shop then to the bank after that we need to go to the stop.

At the cryptology we had to solve puzzles to find the secret message.  On the first one you had to choose a tube: one small, one medium and one large and we would get to wrap around a tape with letters on it. The correct one was the small one. On the other one we used strange words as codes.  The codes were on a sheet and that would turn the codes into words.  We would put them in the free spaces, and then we found the answer.  It was ‘I am a girl 4 tech’ the same for the tubes.


At the algorithms we had red balls and a red basket, green balls and a green basket and blue balls and a blue basket.  The balls were all put in the same basket. The baskets were at the other side of the room.  So we had to take the coloured balls out of the basket one colour at a time and put them in the basket that is the same colour as them, and count the coloured balls and see what colour had more.  It took a long time so the girls had to make it go faster so we took the coloured baskets closer and counted the coloured balls as we put them in and that made it go faster.

Another station was Big Data.  The situation was children were being late every day.  So the teachers were having a meeting on Wednesday in the afternoon to see how they could stop this.  We had this board and these little cards that said what was going on. It could be like the weather or something.  So they put the ones they think look right on the board.

Another one was Detection. On that one you had 3 grids and you listened to music: a, b and c. In a, b and c there was about 3 to 4 tunes. On the grids there were small squares and we choose from grid 1 2 and 3.  We chose the one what looked the same as the music.

At the end we got to keep a girls 4 tech top and a booklet about technology.  We got a wristband and a lanyard with badges for all 6 events we did on it and we got a certificate with our name on it and ‘I am a girl 4 tech’. The people teaching us stood in a semi-circle and we got to run around them and get high fives and some of us were allowed to get a photo.

Report by Ebtisam, Vaila and Amelia

Victorian Day  at Hopetoun House

image1 (2)

On Monday 8 October, P6a went on a trip to Hopetoun House. We went there for our Victorian topic. When we arrived we got dressed up as different servants in Victorian times. We had a look round the house. We saw the tightly packed kitchen, a servant’s bedroom with a low ceiling, a dressing room where the gentleman of the house was shaved by his valet, the gigantic dining room where the Lord and Lady would have eaten, a very grand bedroom (no one sleeps there any more as it’s so old and it needs preserved). We learned that  servants were neither to be seen nor heard, no-one except the footman opened doors, the gardeners and the boot boys were the only ones allowed to leave the house and the poor scullery maid had to stay in the kitchen unless she had permission from the butler. We also got to write with ink and a quill. We really enjoyed this trip because we saw and got do things that we’ve never done before. 

 By Scott Morrison and Sebastian Lumsden, P6a

P5 Art Gallery


We were inspired by going on a trip to the modern art Gallery so P5 worked very hard to put together a mini art Gallery in their Classroom on the 11th of October. The parents and brothers and sisters and some more of their relatives came in to look at their art including frames, printings, sketches and loads more .  On the 12th of October some other classes came to look at their wonderful art and P5 really enjoyed being a tour guide.  Parents also got a chance to try some printing and there was a sketching competition.

All the art that P5 made was very fragile. We had an amazing time .  We used things like clay, beads, paint, cardboard and lots more things to make their art.  All the art was so colourful and unique.  The art gallery was a lot of fun to make.

By Isabella McHaffie P5a


P6A at Fordel Firs

IMG_5107 (2)

P6A enjoyed their overnight stay at Fordel Firs on Thursday and Friday as part of their outdoor Education programme that has been running all year. They had a packed couple of days and all seemed to have enjoyed the experience.

Who Is Your Mummy?

P4 finished off their topic on Ancient Egyptians this week by performing the musical, ‘Who is Your Mummy’ for our school and their parents and family members. Everyone did an amazing job to learn all the songs and lines and the show was a big hit! Some potential stars of stage and theatre for the future!


P2 Viking Raid

Our P2Vikings terrorised school this afternoon, raiding all our classrooms and stealing their P6 buddies! After the raid the Vikings very brave parents came into visit the classrooms to share in some of the work the children have been involved in during this topic.

Eddie the Penguin Saves the World

We all enjoyed our P1 show in school this week, ‘Eddie the Penguin Saves the World’, where P1 told us all about the different ways we can save our planet. Eddie and his family noticed the ice was melting and toured the world telling us their important message through songs about recycling, walking or scooting to school, turning off the tap and the lights to help look after our world.

P1 Scottish Storytelling and Poetry Workshop

Our Primary 1s had a storytelling and poetry writing session, with Mrs Brown, where they were read some very poetic Scottish Stories in celebration of Robert Burns. They selected ‘There was a wee Lassie who swallowed a midget’ and ‘Thistle Street’ as their rhyming words boost literacy and the stories have a Scottish slant.

For the poetry workshop, the classes discussed Robert Burns from a child’s perspective – he grew up and worked on a farm as a child so he wrote about his environment or what was around him. One day he was ploughing a field and turned over a mouse’s nest and he decided to write ‘to a mouse’. Another day Burns was at church and spied a louse on a lady’s bonnet and he decided to write ‘To a Louse’.

P1 picked something in their environment, the classroom, to write about and the children chose a ‘red pencil’. These poems were created using improvisation techniques where each child called out a word and they formulated sentences around these words. This helps embed their common words – these are the words that are ‘learnt’ and not ‘sounded out’.

Thank you to Mrs Brown for coming into school to work with P1.

Below are the poems that the P1 classes created using their Block 1 words.

The Runaway Red Pencil that was… (P1A)

The Runaway Red Pencil that was,

He wanted to run away as you,

Put me into the Moon

Here I am,

Come with me,

One day I will take off.

The class felt that the runaway pencil wanted to be an astronaut, which was picking up on the space theme they have been working on in class!


The Squidgy Red Pencil (P1B)

A magic pencil, it can talk.

It can see and it can walk,

It can put a pan inside a bear,

It can do anything it cares,

while eating a pear


The Sharp Red Pencil – (P1C)

Where can he go?

He wanted to go to the park

When it was dark

and he saw a lark

He put a pillow on a bench.

‘I might go too far,’

said the sharp red pencil.

His paper was coming to him

and he started to write and draw


Healthy Eating

P4a and P4b have been learning about all the ways they can keep themselves healthy. Over the past week we have been focusing on healthy eating. We had a big discussion about snacks we bring for play time and that often we are not always making healthy choices. P4 decided that they wanted to encourage the rest of the school to think about the kinds of things they bring for snack so have designed posters to remind children of all the healthy options out there! Some children launched our campaign at assembly today. We are looking forward to seeing the healthy options children are choosing for their snack in the coming weeks. Well done P4!

P7 at the Scottish Parliament

P7 parliament

On the 13th of November, P7 from Currie Primary travelled in a coach to the Scottish Parliament. When we got there, we looked around an area full of facts about how the Scottish Parliament was formed and all about the building itself. We did a quiz where we used the information on the panels and screens to answer the questions.

Later in the day we were split into three groups. First of all we were shown a wooden model of the surrounding area of the Scottish Parliament, then our tour guide told us about the architect’s vision; it was meant to look like a tree and the strangely shaped rooftops were meant to look like leaves.

Next our guide took us the Garden Lounge, a relaxation lounge where staff can have unofficial meetings and talk about business. Finally, we walked to the Debating Chamber where our guide showed us the equipment that is used in a debate. An MSP is given a time slot, and if they talk too long, they can be muted! Locked away, at the front of the room, is the mace, which the Queen gifted the Scottish Parliament and it now represents the power of the Parliament in Scotland.

We really enjoyed seeing the Scottish Parliament – the place where the decisions about our live in Scotland are made.

Michael  and Mackenzie P7a

The Sound of Music


Currie Primary School was alive with the Sound of Music when professional violinist Jonathan McBride, currently a French/German teacher in training, came along with Madame Ferguson to teach French to P6A and P6B.

Jonathan previously taught violin and musicianship to 6-17 year olds with Sistema Scotland’s Big Noise Raploch, a charity which aims to transform through music the lives of young people living in some of Scotland’s most deprived areas.  He has played violin with RSNO, Nicola Benedetti, Katherine Jenkins, Burt Bacharach, Joss Stone and Il Divo.

Currie Primary School’s P6s were delighted to sing their French ABC song, accompanied by Monsieur McBride on his violin.  He also taught them a new rhythmical rap with clapping and snapping of fingers to practise “Bonjour!  Comment t’appelles-tu?  Je m’appelle ….”

Merci, Monsieur McBride

P5 Healthy Eating

As part of their Health and Wellbeing topic, Primary 5 have been learning about food and nutrition. The children have explored healthy eating, food labelling, local and global produce, and investigated the links between food and physical activity.

In this look at global food, the class had the opportunity to make a variety of dishes from around the world: vegetable curry, mice and potatoes, quesadillas (with homemade salsa and guacamole) and pretzels. Both P5 classes had a terrific time making the dishes on Tuesday and enjoyed getting the chance to show off their culinary skills.

Ingredients were generously provided by Tesco Hermiston Gait as part of their Community fund. P5 would like to say a big thank you to Laura and the staff at Tesco for providing these ingredients for the second year running.

The Litter Muncher

P1 performed a show called the Litter Muncher this week for school and their families. They told us all about the importance of putting our rubbish in the bin through songs and acting.

Viking Raid

School was raid this afternoon by our P2 Vikings! The Vikings enjoyed raiding all our classrooms and offices and even stole biscuits from the staff room and a box of Pritt Sticks (which are more than valuable than gold in a school!) from the office. P4B hid under their desks to get away from the Vikings as they charged around school! We hope they didn’t scare too many of their parents who visited the classrooms to see all the work!


Roman Invasion of Currie Primary

P3 enjoyed showing everyone the work they have been doing on the Romans in the dioramas last week They all looked amazing in their costumes and their presentations  were fantastic.

Viking visit to Currie Primary School

Today Primary 2 were visited by 3 Vikings from Viking School Visits. We had a fantastic day and learned a huge amount ‘without even opening a book’ as one of the P2s told us!  We learned about Viking village life, hierarchy, food, funerals and fighting. It was a busy day and the children sat and listened beautifully. All three Vikings were very impressed with their listening and attention. Well done P2!

P5 Titanic event

P5 loved showing off all their work and knowledge on Titanic this week to their families and our other classes.

Design Challenge in P2


This term, one of the outcomes that P2 had to cover was:

Through discovery and imagination, I can develop and use problem-solving strategies to meet design challenges with a textile focus.”  TCH 1-11a

Primary 2a thought about what they wanted to make and drew a detailed plan on paper. They then chose fabric and with support, cut our their design. Their designs were sewn together using either hand-sewing, which they all mastered to a certain degree, or using a sewing machine.  They decorated their design with buttons, appliquéd fabric and stitching. Their finished results ranged from patchwork quilts and teddy bears to pencil cases and pillows. Well done P2a, your designs are beautiful and you worked very hard!


Primary 4B had a fantastic trip to Wagamama today as part of their Health and Wellbeing topic. The staff were very friendly and made us extremely welcome and P4B were model pupils!

There were four different activities for the children to try. There was a juice station where each child got to choose ingredients to make their own healthy juice. They created some delicious concoctions! One of the chefs took the children on a guided tour of the kitchen and taught them about food safety and hygiene. The highlight was the walk in fridge!  P4 had fun guessing the unusual ingredients at the ingredients station. There were some the adults hadn’t heard of either! They also had the chance to weigh out ingredients and try tossing them in the wok. You needed to have strong arms!

When P4 had completed all the stations, the team at Wagamama cooked them a delicious meal to try. The chef made lots of flames in his wok to entertain the children while they watched! They then tucked into their noodles using chopsticks and tried shelling and eating edamame beans too. We even got a goodie bag to take away.

Food and Nutrition in P5

As part of their Health and Wellbeing topic, Primary 5 have been learning about food and nutrition. The children have explored healthy eating, food labelling, local and global produce, and investigated the links between food and physical activity. In this look at global food, the class had the opportunity to make a variety of diverse dishes: vegetable curry, spring rolls, quesadillas (with homemade salsa and guacamole) and pretzels. Both P5 classes had a terrific time making the dishes on Thursday and enjoyed getting the chance to show off their culinary skills. Ingredients were generously provided by the staff of Tesco Hermiston Gait as part of their Community Outreach programme. P5 would like to say a big thank you to Laura, Nadine and the very helpful staff of the store.

An Ode to Oriam


Primary 4B wrote some poems for the opening of the Oriam. We entered 4 into a competition and the organiser said they were fantastic. Although they weren’t overall winners, they were sent a prize to recognise their contribution. We hope you enjoy reading their poems.

An Ode to Oriam

Oriam you a brilliant building,

You look really shiney when the sun shines.

Inside, you look as clean as ever,

Your fantastic domed shape is the best I’ve ever seen.

Inside you there are thunderous feet,

With basketballs bounces and thrown all over the place.

Footballs getting kicked in the net,

People panting from so much sport!

Some people feel happy, some feel sad,

Some footballers feel embarrasses, some don’t.

Some feel really sore from injuries,

Some are really sweaty after hours of training!

By Thomas

Primary 4B Currie Primary School

An Ode to Oriam

Oriam, you are the best place I’ve ever heard of.

You are also the cleverest,

You shine in the bright sun.

Your building stands out perfectly.

I hear cheering and echoes,

And lots of different things,

In your brilliant Oriam.

I hear basket balls thumping on the ground.

It feels lovely and echoey.


I am so proud we P4’s got chosen,

And also that it is near our school.

By Kelsey

Primary 4B Currie Primary School

An Ode to Oriam

Oriam you are awesome!

You gleam in the light,

You are the star of sport.

When I stand in you I hear chanting,

The bounce of basketballs.

I hear footsteps…

When I play there I feel astonished!

I feel flabbergasted,

I feel amazed!

By Benjamin

Primary 4B Currie Primary School

An Ode to Oriam

Oriam you are a shimmering building,

Your dome stands out for miles around.

You are futuristic and brilliant,

You sparkle in the sun.

When I stand inside you I hear shouts,

I hear crowds cheering loudly.

I hear panting of tired players,

I hear the loud bouncing of balls.

I am proud to live near to you,

The athletes must feel amazed to play there.

The winners must be proud,

The losers must be sad.

By Scott

Primary 4B Currie Primary School


P4 were doing a project about Bridges last term. As part of the project we had a visit from Dr Taylor. He taught us a lot about building bridges. He also set us a challenge to build bridges using paper and bolts. Dr Taylor also set us a homework competition to design a bridge. My Grandad had a sketch book and I looked in it for a bridge. Then I made my design from that. I felt really proud that I won and my Dad will be really proud too. Dr Taylor took my design to his office and put it in his 3D printer. It made a bridge that looks like my design!

By Amy P4B

P5 Titanic

P5 enjoyed showing off all their work on their class project this week as they opened their doors and welcomed all of our classes and their parents into see the work they have been involved in. They all looked amazing dressed up in period style costumes.  As well as showing off their work they performed 2 songs, one of which had been written by William and his dad.

Empty Classroom Day

Primary 5 visited Muirwood Park on Friday as part of ‘The Empty Classroom Day’ – an event designed to encourage classes across Scotland to make use of the outdoors. We signed up to Clean up Scotland and took part in a litter pick. Muirwood Park was very tidy, which was great and shows that the local residents are clearly looking after it. The classes also investigated biodiversity in the park. Currie High School had kindly lent us quadrats to use for sampling plants. Primary 5 used these to investigate the diversity of plants in the park and woodlands. They recorded their findings and these will be used in comparison with a similar study of our school grounds.

The pupils also baked some delicious banana bread the day before in order for us to have a ‘One Planet Picnic’. The idea of this is to encourage sustainable food using Fairtrade or local ingredients. All of our bananas were Fairtrade and the bread was a great success! Finally the pupils were very lucky to have a go on Nether Currie’s obstacle course, after some P5 Nether Currie pupils had interviewed us about the day.

The event was a great way to make us think more carefully about the importance of protecting our planet. It was also lovely that so many of the Currie Cluster schools had an involvement in this. Many of the Primary 5 parents came along to help us out too which was hugely appreciated. Well done Primary 5!

Currie Community topic

On Wednesday 15th P2, P2/3, P3a and P3b celebrated their Currie Community topic by sharing their learning with parents and members of the community at the Currie Community Centre.  The classes displayed their work on wall and tables and members of each class presented their ‘house schedules’ to the audience as well as reading some poems inspired by Currie. The classes had baked some cakes to sell in the café and the P7s helped serve tea and coffee to the crowds of parents. Big thanks to all of the adults who came along and also to Currie Community Centre for opening their doors and being so welcoming. Thanks too to the P7 pupils who came and helped. We have all enjoyed learning a bit more about this great community.

P1A, P1B and P1/2 Fire Engine Visit

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Sighthill Fire Station. Mr Cameron and his colleagues brought their fire engine and told us all about they keep people safe. We learned all about their uniform and why they were it and lots of exciting facts about being a firefighter. We then got a chance to ask some questions. Afterwards everyone got to go into the fire engine and tried some of the uniform on. Our favourite part was seeing the hose spray water, seeing the flashing lights and hearing the siren!

P2/3 Maths outdoors

Over the past few days, P2/3 have been enjoying the sunny weather and have taken their maths lesson outdoors. The class worked on many different numeracy skills including partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and units, finding the correct place on a number line and calculating and creating number crossword puzzles. On Tuesday 17th May, we shared what we had been doing outside with a teacher from Abbeyhill Primary who was looking for different ways to engage her class outdoors.  She was very impressed with how well the children worked and how engaged they were. We hope to take advantage of the dry weather whenever we can and continue using the great outdoor space at Currie Primary in many different ways.

P6a at Fordell Firs

On Thursday the 12th of May, 2016, we went to P6 camp at Fordell Firs. We did orienteering, capture the flag, fire lighting, caving, and climbing in different groups, rotating. At fire lightening we made a fire and cooked dough twists. Ryan liked making the dough twists but he didn’t eat the burnt bit at the top. When we had finished cooking our dough twists, Mr Mackenzie covered them in jam. They tasted like homemade bread. At caving, we were in concrete tunnels. Some were big, some were small and one was tiny. It was called the Miller’s squeeze and only a few people managed to complete it. Some people got stuck in it however a few people didn’t want to do it. Ryan liked the caving and Rudi said he liked the caving the most as it was exciting and nerve-wracking with the smaller tunnels but he kept going and felt great when he made it through the smallest one. He and Tamzin both enjoyed the caving because they liked getting dirty and thought it was fun. Heather didn’t realise she’d like caving as much as she did. It was really dark in the caves but found it fun going down the sloping tunnel. Tamzin thought it was the most adventurous activity at the camp. At climbing, there was an easy wall and a really hard one. Most people, did the easy one and completed it, however, others didn’t. Only a few people did the hard one but only a couple of people completed it. Morven really enjoyed doing the climbing wall she wanted to ring the bell at the top of the wall. When we finished those activities we had dinner. After dinner, Bob took us on a night walk. He showed us a castle foot and car bridges, a farm and houses. Everything he showed us had a story to go with it. After the night walk, we had a huge campfire. We sang lots of campfire songs and after we did lots of singing we all got to toast marshmallow. Then we went to bed.

In the morning, we had breakfast and then went grass sledging and did a challenge coarse. We went into our kayaking groups to do the activities. Grass sledging was really good fun. We did a competition were we got into threes (because there was three grass sledges) the winner of each race got to compete in the semi-final. There was five winners so Mr Mackenzie took the last grass sledge in the second semi-final. Mr Mackenzie and Adam won in the semi-final. Mr Carson took the other sledge in the final. Mr Mackenzie won. At the challenge course we put hard helmets on and then the first challenge was monkey bars. Most people managed to complete it but a few people didn’t. After the monkey bars there was a box with lots of boxes inside. It was two per box. Before we went into the box, we all got given a number. When we were inside the box, Ryan (the person running the activity) called a number and that person had to climb out. If you were in a box by yourself the person behind you went into your box and vice versa. When we had finished the box, we had to climb over wooden logs that were about 2 or 3 feet in the air however if you wanted to you could climb underneath. After that we went to an open area were there was four mini see saws, a wooden plank about a foot deep, and a rope attached to a tree. The wooden see saws were in a circle as well as the wooden plank.  You had to hold onto the rope a try and get from the wooden plank and back. It was really hard and difficult. After that we went back to the place we were staying, had a piece of cake, grabbed our bags that we had packed in the morning, got on the coach and went back to school. Primary 6 camp was a fun and exciting experience. ‘I am really looking forward to the Prmary7 camp now!’, said Samara.

By Tamzin, Ryan, Rudi, Morven, Emily and everyone in P6B

The ukulele

P4 are enjoying a block of musical instruction just now, learning to play the ukulele!

Currie Community Kids

pic collage (2)

On Thursday 21st April, Primary 5a held a coffee afternoon for the senior citizens of Currie. We hosted a talent show while our lovely guests drank tea, coffee and ate some of our home baking.

Primary 5a decided to call this project ‘Currie Community Kids’. They spent a lot of time organising the event and split themselves into different committees in preparation. Each committee (finance, decoration, baking and talent) played a very important role in ensuring the event was a success.

After the show we invited all the ladies and gentleman to have a tour around our school playground. They seemed very impressed with our vegetable garden, wildlife homes and outdoor classroom. It was lovely to socialise with some of the local community and pupils and senior citizens alike seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the day.

By Erin and Morgan

Primary 5 golf tournament

IMG_1193 (3)

Yesterday Primary 5 took part in a golf tournament at Balerno High School, against other local primary five classes. There were three different stations: putting, long drive and chipping. This tournament followed three golf sessions with the Active School’s Co-ordinator. It was great to get to try a new sport and there were some fantastic shots and play from both Currie classes. Each school was allocated a continent to represent, Currie were representing Europe. Everyone had put a lot of effort into wearing European colours and making beautiful flags of different European countries. Luckily the sun was shining which meant everyone really enjoyed our walk through the Water of Leith to get there and back. Well done Primary Five!

Eddie the Penguin saves the day

We hope everyone enjoyed P1A, P1B and P1/2s show at the end of last term, Eddie the Penguin Saves the Day!  The classes have been working really hard to prepare this show and it was great to see so much enjoyment and confidence in our younger learners as they shared the important messages contained in the show so clearly and well with us all.

P4 Egyptian Asemblies and Museum

P4 has a busy finish to term with their Egyptian Assemblies and Museum. The classes enjoyed sharing all their knowledge and learning about Ancient Egypt with everyone – thank you to all our parents and family  members for coming along to these events.

Egyptian Trip

On Monday we went to the museum. We went to the workshop and learnt to mummify Artie! He was pretending to be a dead Pharaoh! Isobel had to be a hippo’s bottom! She had to wiggle her bottom. It was meant to be scary, but everyone was laughing. Jack was a crocodile and Noor was a lion! We has to look at artefacts and work out which tomb they were from. We made a log book.  After lunch we had to find Egyptian stuff all round the museum. What an exciting day!

Isobel and Emily P4A


On Tuesday afternoon Primary 3 had a visit from Stagecoach who did some activities about the Vikings. We had 3 groups and they were singing, dancing and drama. In drama we had to make longships with our bodies. We also had to make Viking Gods that came to life! In singing we sang a Viking song called ‘See the Vikings sing’ In dancing we did a Viking dance where we had to be soldiers and warriors. Our favourite part was the drama.

Jack Ch. and Rowan

Energy Awareness

For the last four weeks Ewan has come from Small Steps to talk to us about energy awareness.

In the first week he took us round an audit of the school and into the boiler room to see what was inside. There was loads of different tubes with hot water running through them. He also showed us that those pipes with the hot water gave the school hot water and heat.  It was really cool because we never knew it was there and nobody else in the school has been in there.

On the second week he brought in his awesome thermal camera to show what in the school was warm and cold. One of us took off our shoes and it was really cool because we saw the footprints. We also put all of our hands on to a table and once we took our hands off, we saw our handprints because of the heat our hands had. It was amazing to see where all the heat was and where it was escaping. A lot of heat was escaping through the windows and doors so that’s why we made draught excluders.

On the third week we made draught excluders with old joggers and leggings we weren’t going to use anymore. First we cut off the legs of our joggers/leggings and tied one end with an elastic band or string. Then we stuffed them with old newspaper. It took us about an hour and a half to make them because we had to scrunch up little pieces of paper. After we finally finished stuffing them we got to decorate them with all sorts of different materials. We made lots of different types of draught excluders like pigs, sausage dogs, dragons and snakes. It was really fun and we really enjoyed it.

On the last week we got to use the smoothie bike. It was incredibly interesting how just pedalling the bike could power the smoothie bike enough. The first group put a lot in there smoothie and some of them didn’t like it that much but the second group went for a more plain smoothie and they liked it better. We had to bring in lots of fruits to put in the smoothie.  The smoothie was made of banana, strawberries and apple juice. We all took turns to hold the smoothie maker and pedal the bike. The smoothie was really nice but we all had too much so afterwards we felt a bit sick.

We all really enjoyed having Ewan coming to teach us about energy and hope he comes back to do some more fun lessons with the rest of the school. Our favourite lesson was the smoothie bike because we got to pedal the bike and it was really refreshing.

Theo, Maddie and Rosie

P5s Chocolate Factory Open Day

Thank you to everyone who came along to P5s Chocolate Factory open day this week to celebrate the great work P5 have been doing this term. We hope you enjoyed it!

P4 Forth Road Bridge trip

On Tuesday we had a visitor called Iain he was talking about bridges. He works on the Queensferry Crossing. We all learnt so much more about bridges. He brought cables from a cable- stayed bridge, he brought a giant spanner and some other equipment that we got to hols and try on. It was very interesting.

On Wednesday we went to Education Centre at the Forth Crossings. We made bridges with plastic pipes, sheets and connectors. We had special Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Health and Safety Managers. We had to get into two groups and use a plan to build the bridge. We also walked across the bridge. It felt a bit wobbly because of the vans going over and we stayed close to the water side to keep away from the traffic. It was a bit scary. We saw some padlocks on the bridge and some boats in the water. Everyone enjoyed it!

Ryan, Harrison and Ben (P4a and b)

Hopetoun House

Last week P7A and P7B went to Hopetoun House because we are doing Victorians. We got there, we had our snack and we were split into three groups. Two of the groups stayed inside and dressed up as servants and explored the inside of the house. The other group went and played Victorian games and explored the outside of the house. We then had lunch and swapped around.

Freya and Cameron P7

P4 Shortbread

IMG_0818 IMG_0819

During our Food and Scotland week Primary 4 had a focus of shortbread.  We e learnt how shortbread is made and how it gets to the shops.  We tasted different shortbreads and voted on our favourite.  We discussed costs and looked at different packaging and identified how it stays fresh ready for us to eat it.   Then we had great fun making our own shortbread!  We also linked our project to maths and looked at different nets and decided on the best one to make our own packaging.


On Monday the fifth of October, P6 of Currie Primary School did a cheese tasting of Scottish cheeses. The first cheese they tasted was smoked cheese from Orkney. Dylan thought that the cheese was sharp and bitter and he also thought that it looked crumbly and that it smelt garlicy. The second cheese they tasted was highland Brie cheese. Emily thought that it looked yellow and shiny, she also thought that it smelled sharp and tangy and that it was soft and sticky. The third cheese they tasted was extra mature cheddar from Mull. Hannah  thought that it looked rough and yellow and that it tasted strong, mature and salty. The last cheese they tasted was Strathdon blue cheese. Jay thought that it smelt like fish, and that it looked blue with a hint of green and yellow. He thought that it was soft and crumbly. After they had finished their cheese tasting, their teacher, Mrs Jack, gave them different types of oatcakes to try. Dylan and Emily thought that the oatcakes tasted dry and tasty

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P6 of Currie Primary School did the cheese tasting because of their project. Their project is Scottish cheese and they have been learning about how cheese is made and where it comes from. Ryan finds that this project is fun and very interesting. The reason that their project is cheese is because their school is learning about Harvest time. For instance, P2/3 learned about different types of food and they came on a trip to our store to learn about food.

Thank you Tesco for providing cheese for us and your amazing donations. We really enjoyed tasting the cheeses. Everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. We learnt a lot about how different cheeses taste, what they look like and how they smell.       


P4 enjoyed a visit from the SSPCA.


Living Things Zoo Trip

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We went to the zoo at 10:30am on October the 5th. I sat beside Finlay but my partner was Cameron at the zoo. We saw the wonderful flamingos, the amazing bears and the jolly snails on the way to the Education Centre. I felt very excited.

First we got to see a fish’s scale then we saw a frog. It jumped out of the box next to me! Next she showed us a rat. We were learning about Vertebrates. After that we had lunch in the monkey area.

After lunch we went in our groups. My group saw the sun bears, wallabies and tiger. When we got back we played on the pirate ship I was the captain. We went back to school at 2:45. I liked all the animals and had an amazing day.

Harrison  P4

Living Things at Muirwood Park


On Friday 1st of October we went to Muirwood Park. First we went to hunt for Living Things. Our project is living things. We had to find 10 (most were slugs and snails). We found lots of interesting stuff, including animals like insects and birds. After that we did our run. It’s an extra bit of PE that we are doing. We have to run as far as we can and try as hard as we can to get the golden boot! There are two golden boots, one for boys and one for girls. This week Moray and Isobel were star runners, but we all tried our hardest.

Sam and Amy P4


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