Currie Primary School PTA

The aim of the PTA is to advance the education and wellbeing of the pupils of the school by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school (not normally provided by the Local Authority) including:

  • To promote close co-operation and communication between parents and teachers
  • To engage in activities which support and advance the education of pupils attending the school and nursery including fundraising and after school activities

All parents/guardians and staff are welcome to be members of the PTA. We organise and run a number of events during the year. This includes after school activities, discos, magic shows, movie nights, bake sales and our main fundraising event the annual May Fayre.

The committee meets around 10 times during the year. Please see below for this year’s meeting dates, everyone is welcome to attend.

The current Office bearers for 2018/2019 year are:

Chair: Susan Donnachie

Vice Chair: Suzanne Knox

Treasurers: Rachel Thomas and Richard Taylor

Secretary: Natalie Simon

Clubs Coordinator:

If you would like any further information about the PTA or how you can get involved please get in touch at

Meeting dates for 2018/19

All meetings are held from 7-9pm in the school staff room.

14 January

4 February

4 March

25 March

29 April

13 May

17 June

Event Dates for 2018/2019

1 February – P3 Bake sale 12-12.30

1 February – Movie night

1 March – P2 Bake sale

6 March – Spring discos P3-P7

5 April – P1 bake sale

10 May P1-2 Magic show

25 May – May Fayre

June – Nursery Bake sale (date to be confirmed)

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