World Book Day at Currie Primary

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Dancing Achievements

Kaycee Reid has done extremely well winning trophies and medals. in dancing She won a 2nd for her ballet solo and is national champion in highland. She also did well in group dances winning 2x 1sts a 2nd and a 3rd.

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Simon Says Dance Comes to Currie Primary

Some pictures of our children enjoying themselves this week when Simon Says Dance arrived for the day at Currie.

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CPS Violinists

A Christmas treat for everyone. Thank you to our P6 and P7 violinists and Mrs Miller, our violin instructor.

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Christmas Lunch

A huge thank you to our dinner ladies who cooked up a storm today and made a delicious Christmas dinner for almost 500 children and staff!

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Community for Food

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Children in Need 2021

A fun day supporting a great cause in school on Friday.

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One Kind Word

As part of our Anti-bullying week P5A wrote this class poem, called One Kind Word.

One kind word

Is more than just one word.

Will make a massive difference

Will make someone feel nurtured

Will make someone feel good

Everyone should be kind

Everyone should feel loved

Everyone should be treated the same

No matter their shape or size.

One kind word

Will change someone’s day

Will make a massive difference

Will make someone feel less alone

Will make someone feel warm inside

Will make them feel true to themselves

Will put a smile on a face

Will make someone feel happy

Will make the world a better place.

One kind word

Just be kind

Everyone is precious

Everyone will be included

Everyone will feel happy

Everyone should be a good human

Everyone has the right to be happy.

One kind word

Be yourself

Kindness makes the world go around

Just be you

I can do it and so can you

Let’s be us and try

Can you say

One kind word?

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Last term, we worked really hard on identifying our emotions. We looked at the Orange Cog and named many of the emotions that we feel. All of the classes in the school did a fantastic job with this. Here are some examples of the brilliant work that has been happening. 

This term up until Christmas, we will be focusing on the yellow cog (trigger) and the green cog (behaviours). The trigger cog focuses on what has happened to make you feel a particular emotion (orange cog). We are then looking at how we behave (green cog) when we feel like this. It is a great tool to get you children to speak about what has happened, how they feel and how they behaved. We hope it will also be useful at home-  get your child to tell you all about it!

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A Small Change

Dear Parents,

I am writing to you today because I want you to make one small change to help our planet.

We are learning about COP26 at school. I am horrified by what is happening to our planet

and want to do something. We need to act now!

There are over 100 world leaders attending the COP26 meeting to discuss climate change.

Ice bergs are melting, and the world is getting hotter it sounds good but it is very bad.

If we could walk more ,cycle more and reduce driving, buy locally grown food that reduces polluting 

transport, encourage use of electric cars and eat less meat we could begin to heal our planet .

A small change can make a big difference. We need to act now. Thank you for reading,

Yours faithfully 

Ethan Hanna P5B

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