May Fayre 2018

Thank you to everyone for coming along this afternoon to support our annual May Fayre in school. It was lovely to see everyone enjoying the weather and the wide variety of stalls and activities, refreshments, prizes and so on our PTA had organised for us all. So much work goes onto the planning and co-ordinating of everything associates with the May Fayre and it takes our very dedicated hard working PTA months of planning. A huge thank you to Mrs Sills in her final fayre as Chair of the PTA and to everyone in the PTA and all the parents and friends of our school who came along to help run the stalls today.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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Happy Shoe Day

It was ‘Happy Shoe Day’ in school today to mark the end of the Walk to School week that our Eco Group organised for us. It was good hear from some parents that the journey to school has been easier this week with less cars on the roads and parking around school as more people walked.  They say it takes 30 days to make something a habit – wouldn’t walking to school be a good habit for our children to have!

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Inspectors Cup


A big well done to our P7 football team for their performances in the semi-final of the Inspectors Cup on Wednesday evening. The team played fantastically well, as they always do and came second in their group, just missing out on a place in the final. We were all very proud of their professionalism and sportsman like behaviour both on and off the pitch throughout the tournament and over the last few years playing for the school teams.

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Walk to School Week

School Walk


Well done to everyone who has taken part in Walk to School Week 2018. It has been great to see how many children have travelled to school in an ECO friendly way.

The results for today are in…

446 pupils took part in today’s survey.

250 walked

31 cycled

41 scooted

8 took the bus

116 took the car

72% of children took an Eco friendly mode of transport to school today.

P5 made bar charts to show how each class travelled to school today. They are displayed on the ECO board in reception for you to see.

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Thursday’s ‘Walk to School Week’ Figures Are In

Walking Routes


Well done to the 211 pupils that walked to school. Also good work to the 76 pupils that either scooted or cycled to school!

P5 are continuing their data handling in Maths so collated their figures for the day.  We love seeing so many of you making eco-friendly ways to school!

Salem made a bar chart today to show how P5A travelled to school today.

Salem made a bar chart today to show how P5A travelled to school today.



Keep up the good work.

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Wednesday’s ‘Walk to School Week’ Figures are In

We did it! 73% of children took an Eco friendly mode of transport to school today. That’s 1% more than Tuesday.

Lots of children were out of school  on trips so the number of taking part was less than Tuesday.

P5 are doing data handling in Maths so collated the figures for Wednesday




Walk to School. Thank you to Skye Marshall in P5A for letting us display her work.


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Walk to School Week


This week is walk to school week. Today’s figures are in…


201 children walked to school


13 children cycled to school


36 children scooted to school


11 children took the bus to school


101 children took the car to school


This means a whopping 72% of children in our school took an Eco friendly method of transport to school today. Well done to everyone!


If you do live far away from school, maybe tomorrow you could try walking some of the way by parking a little bit further away from the school entrance.





Walk to School

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P1 and P2 Magic Show

P1 and P2 enjoyed the Magic Show this afternoon in school. Tricky Ricky was as always very entertaining! Thank you to the PTA for organising this event and to all the parents who came along to help.

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Extension visit

Our school Extension Planning Group were invited to have a look round our new extension this week to see how the work was progressing. The group enjoyed having a look round and being able to see the plans they helped develop coming to life and sitting in the digger! Thank you to Shaun the site manager for inviting the group along.

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May Fair

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