Global Play Day Wednesday 6 February 19

It was really fun because if other people brought a game in you don’t have, you could play it. It brought everyone together. – Louis P6a

It was good because it gives you a break from all the hard work. – Trudy P6a

Beth P6a – I think it was more social and expanding your friend group.

It was really fun because everyone was sharing their stuff with everybody. – Ryan P6a

I was happy when everyone wanted to play with my Magnatiles. – Jacob P1b

I was helping one of the nursery children (outdoor play). They were stuck so I helped them. – Ellie P1b

I liked making a base. We put logs on the poles to make a roof and Mr Fraser helped us secure it by tying knots. We made a roof so we can go in when it’s raining. – Hugo P1b

I liked sharing my toys with my friends. – Amelie P2a

I liked the outdoor play. – Mollie P2a

I think if we did it every day it would get boring because it wouldn’t be as special. P4/3

That was the best day of school ever. P4/3

Best school day ever! – Finlay S P7b

It was really fun cause we got to do whatever we wanted – Emma Jo P7b

We got to play with people that we don’t normally play with – Anna P7b

Best P7 day in my life yet! – Natalia P7b

Pizza for lunch and no work, it was great! – Sandy P7b

It was fun getting to play game with our friends that we really like – Ewen P7b

It was a really fun day and it was the 1st year we’ve done it, so carry it on for next year – Grace P7b

 It was a great day 😊.  Such a fab buzz about the school and in the playground. – Miss Murray P4

It was a brilliant day to celebrate the place of play in schools. We had great fun. – Miss Mackay and Mrs Moyes

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新年快乐 / 新年快樂 (Xīnnián kuàilè)

Happy Chinese New Year! P1 made a Chinese Dragon for Chinese New Year in the playground this morning and lots of us had great fun playing on it and extending it during lunch time, as well as playing the usual games of den building, tree climbing, tig, wearing coats back to front and card tricks!

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All Ability Bike Centre

Bike Ability

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Movie Night

Our first ever Movie Night was a huge success on Friday evening with a full house for our screening of ‘Sing-a-long The Greatest Showman’! Everyone seemed to enjoy the show and the evening.  Thank you to the PTA for organising this event and to everyone who stayed behind at the end to help clear up.

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Big Cat Books


A huge thank you to everyone who sent in the Big Cat Collins Vouchers from Sun newspaper last term. We received a box full of lovely new books this week to add to the Big Cat books we already have in school.

Photograph by Mia Moore, P7.

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Sports Committee

sports commitee 201819 (2)

We are delighted to introduce our Sports Rep Committee to everyone! The Sports Reps who will be working each month with Mrs Elliot our PE teacher to collect the up-date information on sports and sporting achievements of our pupils throughout school.

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Scots Verse Recital Competition


Congratulations to the winners of our annual Scots Verse Recital Competition form last week! We all enjoyed hearing everyone recite their poems in assembly on Friday. We also enjoyed some fantastic entertainment from some of our talented dancers, singers, and instrumentalists!

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Scots Poems

P3A have enjoyed writing these super animal poems in Scots this week. We hope you enjoy reading them!


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Making a Difference

As part of our Building Resilience work in school all classes will be  involved on working on a unit of work through assemblies and circle time on Making a Difference. Please see the leaflet for parents and carers below for more information.

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Active Schools Extra Curricular Activities

active school jan 19active school jan 19 a

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