How to get a Blue Peter Badge


Congratulations to Dylan and Saul, who have both achieved their Diamond Blue Peter Badges. Dylan has written a short explanation of how to achieve a Blue Peter badge. See below.

For all of them except the Diamond badge, you wrote about what you have done using 50 words.

Blue. To get a Blue badge you can write a poem, draw a picture or write a story. I wrote a poem.

Green. To get a Green badge you have to do something to do with nature. I did litter picking.

Silver. To get a Silver badge you have to have the Blue Badge. It is the same list of things to choose from but you have to pick a different thing to do.

Diamond. To get a Diamond badge you have to fill in a form with 3 pages.

Dylan Urquhart P5A

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Charity Hair Cut


A little while ago I got this certificate for cutting my hair. I have a letter at home. I raised £200 for the little Princess Charity just by cutting my hair. Some people think I look cute but some people like me with long hair. I like my hair short.

Sarah P4B

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P2B Poetry


Ruaridh in P2B wrote this lovely poem about things he would do on a snowy day. We though you might like to read it.

What I would do on a snowy day…

Snowball fight

Playing in the snow

Doing sledging

Making snowmen.

By Ruaridh Nicholson P2B

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St Andrew’s Day Conga

Some of our classes took part in the St Andrew’s Day Conga an event that started in Glasgow a few years ago and had spread across the city. Classes learned a little about St Andrew and St Andrew’s Day here in Scotland, made biscuits with the Scottish flag on it and took part in the conga! Here are P3 and P4 taking part in their conga on Friday 30 November!

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Christmas Fayre

Thank you to everyone who donated baking, tombola, raffle prizes etc. or came along to help out or support our P6 Christmas Fair last week. P6, Miss Wilson and Mrs Strange worked hard during the weeks leading up to the Fayre to get everything ready and it was lovely to see so many people coming along on such a cold and wet evening. Thank you to Mrs Galloway for rehearsing our P6 and P7 choir and getting them ready for their performance too. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. P6 were still counting money on Friday and working out profits from the evening. When we know what the children have decided to do with the money they have made we let everyone know.

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Sun Books Vouchers

Many thanks for everyone for sending in the book vouchers from the Sun newspaper over the last few weeks. We have managed to collect more than the 3500 we needed for a set of Big Cat Collins Reading Books which is fantastic.  We have sent our surplus vouchers off to another school in the city so they  can get a set of the books as well.

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Solar Co-operative Newsletter

Solar Panels

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Choir Festival

We were very proud of our P4 and P5 Choir on Friday morning as they competed in a Choir Festival at St Mary’s Church at Dalmahoy, against much older and more experienced choirs. Our choir is so large we had to split into 2 smaller choirs and they both sang beautifully as you will see from these videos! It is fantastic to see so many children enjoying the opportunity to be part of our choir and to enjoy performing so much. A big thank you to Mrs Rubatto, our music teacher, for getting our choirs ready for these performances

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Children in Need / Typeonesie Day

Thank you to everyone for taking part in our Children in Need / Typeonesie Day in school last week wearing onesies or pyjamas to school and making very generous donations to these fantastic charities. We raised £656.39 which has been split between the Chidlren in Need and JDRF charities.

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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano (2)

The reason I was able to do Cyrano de Bergerac was because I attend the Lyceum Youth Theatre.  The people who were old enough and ready where given a form and audition.  After the audition I was nervous about getting the part so I was really happy when I found out I got the part.  At our first rehearsal I was scared and excited.  By the time our second rehearsal was done I felt I wasn’t ready but I had to be!  Turns out I was!  When I stepped onto the stage for the first time in front of the audience I got a rush of happiness, belonging and hunger!

The whole experience became a daily routine and I am so sad that is now over. Now I feel like my acting career has begun and I’m really looking forward to the next thing.

Rowan Burgess P6

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