Parent Council

Currie Primary Parent Council works in active and effective partnership with the school. This group provides parents the opportunity to engage with the school and local authorities on matters that are important for the learning and development of our children.

We support the school in developing strong partnerships between school and home to help our children excel in their development.

This is an exciting forum to learn and engage with the latest plans and achievements relating to our school & its contribution to our children’s life & community.

There are 6 meetings a year held on a week-day evening during term time – meetings last 2 hours approx and cover topics like the following:


  • Head Teacher’s update,
  • Parent Council Chair update,
  • Treasurer update,
  • any specific discussion items like school curriculum, plans for the school year, concerns and any other business raised by class reps.
  • Voting on funding decisions or other decisions and so on.

We have 2 parent reps from each school year who attend and feedback information from the parent council to the year groups and also who communicate any question, concerns or feedback from the year groups to the parent council.

The parent council meetings are open for all to attend – just come along and listen or join in.

They are attended by the parent council committee, class reps and school staff (head teacher, deputy head teachers and school business manager.

There are three official positions that the Parent Council must operate with and vote on officially at the Annual General Meeting (AGM):

▪ Chair
▪ Co-Chair
▪ Treasurer
▪ Clerk (not a mandatory role)

 More details about parent council can be found in our constitution

 All positions above are voluntary and not salaried. 

All parent/carer comms are managed via the Parent Forum on Facebook:



Current Appointments

Co-Chairs : Jane Robinson / Vicky Parsons
Treasurer : Richard Matthews
Clerk :  Willeke Keijsers


Dates of Meetings

7 June 2022



 Minutes of Meetings

Currie Parent Council AGM Minutes – 10 05 2022
Currie Parent Council Minutes – 29 March 2022
Currie Parent Council Minutes – 8th Feb 2022
Currie Parent Council Minutes – 30th Nov 2021
Currie Parent council minutes – 29th Sept 2021
Currie Parent Council Minutes – 2nd June 2021
Currie Parent council minutes – 24th March 2021
Currie Parent Council minutes 27th January 2021
Currie Parent Council – minutes – 20th Aug 2020
Currie Parent Council – minutes – 16th Spet 2020
Currie Parent Council – minutes – 25th November 2020

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