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We would like to start by saying a huge welcome back to all our returning Nursery children and families and a welcome to all of our new families who have joined us this session. We look forward to working with you all in the coming year and we are sure it will be a successful partnership.

Settling In

It is hard to believe that we have already been back in Nursery for a month! Our returning children settled back in beautifully to the Nursery routine and have enjoyed sharing stories with us about all of the exciting things they got up to in the summer holidays.

Over the past few weeks, we have also welcomed 58 new children to our afternoon session. They continue to become more and more familiar with the Nursery routine each day and are settling in in nicely to life at Currie Nursery.

Nursery Curriculum

Since the start of the new term, we have used the interests and ideas of our Nursery children to inform our planning and the resources available in the Nursery environment. We record what children say to us on our ‘Responsive Planning’ wall and evidence this with photos of the children busy playing. So far, we have seen a keen interest in mask making and our new writing area is being used brilliantly!

Our daily Group Time continues to provide us with the superb opportunity to share stories and songs with the children and to give children a platform for talking and listening in front of their peers. As the children settle back in to life at Nursery further, we will begin to take part in small key worker focus groups.

Nursery Gate

As you will be aware, over the summer holidays we had a second gate installed at the Nursery entrance. This gate acts an extra measure to ensure that your children are kept safe at pick-up and drop-off times. In order for this to work, we ask for your cooperation in ensuring the gate is kept closed at all times.

When entering or leaving the Nursery, please ensure you close the gate behind you each time, securing it at the top with the latch. If there is someone behind you, please pass the gate over to them and wait until they have reached the gate to do so. Please do not let any older children open or close the gate.

To further ensure the security of your children, we would like to request that you hold their hand when entering/leaving the Nursery grounds. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.

Gym Time

Our AM children have recently started going to the Gym Hall on a Monday morning to take part in some physical activities. The children are working on their skills in following instructions and managing the space available to them. They have been really enjoying these trips to the Gym Hall and we would like to thank you for supplying gym shoes for them to wear whilst there.

Once they have had some more time to settle in to the Nursery routine, we will begin to take our PM pre-school children to the Gym Hall on a Friday afternoon. We will ask you to supply gym shoes nearer to the time.


Please note there will be no Nursery on Monday 18th September as this is a school holiday.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation,

Miss Sturrock and Currie Nursery Team












Below is our nursery handbook which gives information about what you and your child can expect when starting in our nursery.

CurrieNurseryHandbook revised June 14

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