Nursery Newsletters

May 17

May 2017

Transition to Currie Primary School

It is hard to believe but we have reached our final term of Nursery before the summer holidays and before some of our children move off to Primary School. To ensure a smooth transition, children will be taking part in a variety of different activities leading up to the holidays. For children going to Currie Primary, the following activities have been planned:

  • Parent Transition Meeting

Monday 29th June from 5-6pm

  • Visits to Currie Primary

Tuesday 6th, 13th and 20th June.

We are confident that all of our children moving on to Primary School will have a fantastic time and will enjoy meeting their new teacher!

What’s been happening in Nursery this term?

This term, we have been lucky enough to have been visited by some fairies in our outdoor area! We have enjoyed exploring the outdoors each day to see what the fairies have left us and we have made lots of lovely presents for the fairies such as beautiful cards and drawings. Children have also enjoyed listening to traditional Fairy Tales this term, showing their understanding of what they have heard through responding to questions and expressing their opinions on the stories.

We have also been busy this term learning about plants and what they need to grow. We were all given the option of planting either a sunflower, runner beans, climbing beans, cress or baby carrots. We have been looking after our plants by making sure they have enough water each day and being very gentle when looking at them.

The Nursery took part in a whole school STEM task in which children had to make a boat which could float holding 10 coins. It was very tricky, but we managed to choose a winner for the Nursery and our winner was Brodie Kay with ‘Brodie Boat 3.’ Well done, Brodie!

Junk Modelling

Thank you to all of you who supply us with junk for our junk modelling as it is one of the children’s favourite activities and is fantastic for stimulating their imaginations and language development. While we greatly appreciate your donations, we have received some junk recently which has still contained food or which has not been washed out properly. We would really appreciate it if you could double check that junk is completely empty and clean before handing it in. Thank you!

Miss Sturrock and Currie Nursery Team

April 17

Welcome Back!

We would like to start by saying ‘welcome back’ to all of our Nursery children and their families. We hope you all had a fab Easter break and we have enjoyed hearing from the children all about what you got up to.

Parent Information Sessions

Last term, Miss Sturrock and Mrs McAndrew ran a number of information sessions for parents and carers on both SEAL maths and ‘Transition to Primary School.’ These sessions generated lots of interest and we were delighted to have so many of our parents and carers come along to join us for these sessions. Overall we received lots of positive feedback from those who came along, with many saying they would like more of this type of thing happening in the Nursery.

I have put up a notice on the board to the right of the entrance door asking for your opinion on what type of sessions you would appreciate being run in the future. We would also hugely appreciate any feedback on sessions we have already ran.

A Plea for Pants!

Yet again we have found ourselves in the situation where we have completely ran out of girls’ pants! If you have any spare ones at home, then we would love to have them. Thanks for your support in this!

Outdoor Learning

At the end of last term, we were very lucky to receive a number of new items for our outdoor areas. We have a large sandpit in our Nursery playground which the children have loved playing in and exploring, as well as a new shed which we plan to store bikes in and a number of large chalk boards to encourage mark making in our outdoor area. We also have a few new items in our mud kitchen which has encouraged more children to play there, letting their imaginations flow when creating delicious dishes!


Miss Sturrock and Currie Nursery Team

January – February 2017

Welcome New Parents and Children

We would like to start by saying a huge welcome to our new parents and children who have settled in beautifully to life at Currie Nursery. With the new children starting, we are now at full capacity in both the morning and the afternoon. We are looking forward to creating a great partnership between ourselves and our new families and look forward to working with you all.

It’s in the Bag!

The morning children were treated to a Scottish story ‘The Mystery of the Lost Haggis’ from It’s in the Bag storytellers on Tuesday 31st January. The storytellers used puppets, songs and audience participation to entertain the children and the story fitted in perfectly with our recent focus on Scots stories as part of Burn’s Night celebrations. Both the children and the adults loved having It’s in the Bag in the Nursery!

New Items for the Nursery

In the next few weeks and coming months, we are going to be getting a few exciting new things in the Nursery. We are using money provided to us by the Scottish Government to purchase a new shed to store our outdoor resources in, a water cooler in the Nursery, a new projector for our Promethean Board and a brilliant new sandpit for the playground! The children were also involved in choosing how they would like to spend the money we earned from our Enterprise project and as a result, chose lots of fantastic new toys for the Nursery such as new Duplo and a new trampoline.

What are the Children learning at Nursery?

Our Literacy focus in the Nursery for this term is rhyme. We are reading and listening to Julia Donaldson stories at the moment which have proven to be very popular! The children are using props such as puppets and masks to retell the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ in the story corner and have created some wonderful drawings of their favourite characters at the Writing Table.

We have also introduced a ‘rhyme of the week’ which we are singing with the children during group time. Please check our noticeboard to see what rhyme we are focussing on at any given time.

Our focus for Numeracy this term is on recognising and sequencing numbers to 10, and beyond for some. The children have taken part in lots of practical and fun activities to do this, such as playing games on the interactive board.

We have recently been learning about all things Scottish as part of Burn’s Night celebrations. We performed ‘Three Craws’ and recorded it on the iPad for the Scots assembly – we loved listening to ourselves sing!

We have also been learning about Chinese New Year, sampling some Chinese food at snack time and trying our hand at some Chinese writing. Justin, Zoe and Anna performed a Chinese New Year song for us all and were even brave enough to sing it in front of the whole school at assembly! Well done Justin, Zoe and Anna! We are very proud of them.

The weather continues to be very cold and unpredictable but we have been getting outside as much as we can, enjoying the slide and fireman’s pole and cooking up tasty dishes in the mud kitchen.

February Break

Just a little reminder that this year the February holiday is from Monday 13th February, with children returning to Nursery on Monday 20th February. We hope you all have a lovely break.

Looking After Our Property

Could you please ensure that you label everything your child brings to Nursery to make sure that it does not get mistaken for someone else’s. Also, because of our large numbers in the Nursery, the morning and afternoon children are required to share a peg. Recently, some afternoon parents have been commenting on the fact that some things have been going missing from their pegs so let’s all work together to ensure that this does not happen.


Miss Sturrock and Currie Nursery Team

Nursery Newsletter December 16

Firstly, our new Nursery teacher, Miss Sturrock, would like to say a huge thank you to all the children and parents/carers for the warm welcome she has received here at Currie. She looks forward to working with you all in the future and getting to know the families better.

Christmas Activities

The children have been busy in the Nursery getting into the Christmas spirit through a variety of different activities! You will find them…

  • Making festive crafts from materials available in the craft room
  • Re-enacting the Nativity using costumes and props
  • Singing Christmas songs and listening to Christmas stories
  • Playing in the home corner which is now equipped with Santa suits, pyjamas and Christmas stockings.

Christmas Cards

Children are always keen to send Christmas cards to their Nursery friends but we ask that if you are giving out cards, you write one card only to the whole Nursery, which we will then share with children at group time. Thank you for your support in this.

End of term Celebrations

The Christmas parties are fast approaching and we would like to invite parents to come and join in the fun, listening to Christmas songs and getting to meet Santa Claus himself! A reminder of the dates and times:

  • Morning children: Thursday 21st December at 11am
  • Afternoon children: Wednesday 20th December at 2.45am

New Children 2017

We are pleased to be welcoming 12 new children to the afternoon Nursery from Wednesday 11th January, taking our numbers to full capacity. We are looking forward to welcoming the children and their families in the New Year.

Dates for the Diary

  • Friday 16th December 2016 – Christmas Jumper Day (Save the Children)
  • Thursday 21st December 2016 – end of term (no afternoon session)
  • Tuesday 10th January 2017 – all resume

Finally, we would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all our nursery families and hope you have a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with you and thank you for all of your support so far.

Currie Nursery Team

Nursery Newsletter October 16

 Diary Dates

Individual/family photographs for children in Currie Primary School

Tuesday 4th October

Parental Consultations for preschool children

Wednesday 5th October and Thursday 6th October

October Holiday Week

Nursery closes to children from Monday 17th and resumes on Tuesday 25th October.

Christmas Holidays

Nursery finishes on Thursday 22nd December at 11.40 am and resumes on Tuesday 10th January 2017

Christmas parties

Afternoon children – Wednesday 21st December

Morning children – Thursday 22nd December

Care Inspection

The nursery was inspected in June by the Care Inspectorate.The grades we were awarded were:

Quality of care and support                            5 – Very Good

Quality of environment                         5 – Very Good

Quality of staffing                              5 – Very Good

Quality of management and leadership   5 – Very Good

The Inspectorate have not made any recommendations or requirements in the report.


Although our main focus of learning in the nursery will continue to support children to settle and to continue to establish routines, we will be looking at seasonal changes and autumn festivals over the month of October.

The shops are full of Hallowe’en goodies and children are beginning to talk about it. In nursery we offer the children some craft activities and usually opportunities to ‘dook’ for apples. However as many children find this a scary celebration, we tend to keep these experiences low key and children take part only if they chose to. We ask that children do not come to nursery in Hallowe’en costumes on this day and thank parents for their support with this.

Outdoor play

September has had some lovely warm summer weather and we are reluctant to move into warmer clothes. The children play in the garden most days and require warm, waterproof clothing and footwear that is suitable for climbing, running and playing on wet grass.

Lost Property

It is very frustrating for parents/carers when articles of clothing go missing. Please make your child’s clothing (coats, sweatshirts, gloves, hats, scarves, shoes – anything that is likely to be removed) easy to identify with clear labelling showing the child’s full first and last name. It is also helpful if the children know where to find this label and to be able identify their own clothing.

When we are unable to match up belongings and children, we put the items on the white table at the nursery entrance. Please check this regularly.

We discourage children from bringing toys or special comforters to nursery as it is very upsetting for everyone if these go missing, particularly if the loss is only discovered at bedtime.


Thank you for your patience at going home time, when we ask parents to queue up and wait while we hand over the children one by one to the carer/parent who has written permission to do so. You may add other names to the permission form at any time and please explain our routine to the ‘new’ pick up person.

Bed Time Stories

Mrs Paterson is ready to introduce this initiative to our afternoon children.

The children will be given a book bag and be helped to pick the initial book to take home. The bedtime stories are displayed in the round room behind the big white notice board.

The children take the book home to read. They can keep the book for as long as they want and can change it with their grown up at any time at pick up or going home times. There is no stamping or recording required.

We have had some lovely feedback from our morning parents and look forward to sharing this with our afternoon children. Children can never have too many stories to share with their families!

We ask you to identify any damaged or ‘tatty’ books to staff and we will withdraw them from our stock.


Parents of morning children will be aware that we have introduced this NHS initiative each morning. Children have been learning about keeping their teeth healthy through eating healthy food, regular teeth cleaning and visiting the dentist.

The afternoon children will also be given the opportunity to take part in this.


One of the advantages of being a nursery class in a well -resourced school is that we are able to share some of the areas and equipment on off.

We have a gym time slot on Monday mornings and the morning children have had fun playing games, exploring the space and listening to and following instructions.

A request

Thank you for keeping our supply of junk flowing. We can never get enough clean packaging and boxes. We are also able to help you ‘recycle’ wrapping paper, greetings cards, comics and textured materials.


Some parents are aware that I am retiring at the end of this term, in October. I am very excited about this and looking forward to having time to be a better mum, grannie and friend!

I’ve taught in Currie, both in this school and in the former Curriehill Primary for twenty –five years almost to the day and feel very privileged to have done this. I have been moved by some of the very kind words that parents have given me. I am going to try very hard to keep smiling and not to shed any tears.

I am used to parents of former pupils bringing their children to nursery and want to leave before any of them brings their grandchild!

Thank you,

Sandra Dempster

Nursery Newsletter September 16

New Term

August has been a very busy month in nursery.   Around fifty excited children returned to nursery pleased to be back and to see their nursery friends.

We also welcomed nearly fifty new children. They are busy settling in, learning our routines and exploring our big nursery. Yes, Currie Primary Nursery Class is a very busy place at the moment!

Sharing Information

The start and end of each nursery session can be hectic and often parents/carers want to talk to staff. If important information needs to be passed over, can parents please put this in writing. Slips of paper are available on the notice board at the main nursery entrance if needed.

At times parents may need to talk to staff at length and we are able to arrange a mutually convenient time to do this.

We have children who have health issues that staff need to be alerted to. Parents are asked to provide this information on registration. If medication needs to be administered, we ask for appropriate forms to be completed and may invite parents to attend a meeting to discuss your child’s condition.

Parents/carers are responsible to update nursery of any changes to medical conditions, to provide inhalers, medication and to keep these in date. In nursery we follow City of Edinburgh guidelines on health and safety. Can we also remind parents that children who are ill should remain at home and if your child has incidences of vomiting and/or diarrhoea they should be absent for 48 hours after the last incidence of either?

We wish to assure parents that we endeavour to get things right concerning your child’s health and safety.


For some strange reason, known only to pre-school children, our toilets are a much more interesting place to play than our three playrooms and extensive garden! At the age of three most of our children are able to use the toilets independently, remembering to flush the toilet and wash their hands afterwards. However, some children take slightly longer to learn to do this. Again, staff need to be alerted to children who need a bit of support with this. If your child has frequent ‘accidents’, please provide a bag with changes of clothes on their peg. We have a supply of clothes available for the occasional slip up!

Nursery Rules

There are lots of ‘bees’ buzzing around. ‘Be kind’   ‘Be gentle’   ‘Be busy’   ‘Be safe’

Staff remind and encourage the children to be respectful to each other, to staff and to the nursery toys and equipment as they move around choosing which activities to take part in. We support children in sharing and taking turns.   These all make for a happier, safer learning environment.

Bedtime Stories

Parents have been asking about this popular initiative that we started last session. Mrs Paterson is presently sorting out books bags and books getting them ready to go home. We will soon introduce this to returning and morning children and will allow our new children to settle in before offering them the chance to choose a book. If your child still has a book bag at home, please return this to nursery.

Our bedtime stories are available in the round room, just behind the notice board. Parents can choose a book together with their child to take home to read. Children can keep the book for as long as they want or change it as frequently as they want to. There is no stamping of books or recording involved – just the chance to read another book!

Parental Consultations

Mrs Griffin and Mrs Dempster will meet with parents of preschool children on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th October at the same time as the school parental consultations. You will receive further information of this nearer the time.

Parents of our younger children who attend nursery mainly in the afternoon (the ante-preschool children), and who started nursery this term, are invited to meet with Mrs Griffin and Mrs Dempster to chat about how your child is settling into nursery. If you wish to take up this opportunity, please add your child’s name to the timetable displayed on the nursery noticeboard. These informal meetings will take place during the afternoon sessions over the course of the week beginning 26th September.


September holiday – Nursery is closed on Monday 19th September

October Holiday – Nursery is closed to children from Monday 17th until Tuesday 25th October

We are looking forward to another successful nursery year in partnership with parents and carers and we thank you for your continuing support.

The Nursery Team


The nursery children celebrated the end of term with fancy dress parties.  Good luck to all our children starting school in August.  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone with their uniforms on.  We will be welcoming lots of new children and of course depending on our returning children to help them.

Have a happy holiday everyone.

Nursery Newsletter June 16

The end of term is fast approaching. This month we will be welcoming the children who are starting nursery in August and waving a very fond farewell to our school boys and girls as they step into Primary 1! Exciting times.

Sports Day Arrangements

This year our annual nursery sports will take place on Wednesday 15th June both in the morning and in the afternoon.

The event is held on the all -weather pitch on the school field. After dropping off the children at their usual time, ‘spectators’ should meet there to wait for the athletes to arrive on the field. We aim to start at 10.30 am for the morning children and at 2.00 pm for the afternoon children.

The sports last for about 30 minutes after which the children will be taken back to the nursery for the presentation of medals.

The children will be taken into their group corners and parents/carers wishing to collect children early will then be able to do this.

If the sports need to be cancelled because of bad weather, we will endeavour to do this as early as possible, to give parents/carers notice of any change of plans. Fingers crossed that this lovely summer weather will continue.

Your child will be participating in a team and we will send home a slip of paper asking you, if possible, to dress your child in a particular colour of t-shirt.

We’re all looking forward to a fun day.

End of Term Fancy Dress Events

We are always looking for an excuse for a party in the nursery and this year our events will take place on the last nursery sessions. For the afternoon children this will be on Wednesday 29th June and for the morning children

Thursday 30th June.

Children should wear fancy dress and come to nursery at the usual time. Parents/carers are invited to come to nursery early at 3pm or at 11am to join in on the last minutes of the nursery session.

Summer Weather

We’ve enjoyed being outside on these lovely sunny days. Please make sure that your child has had an application of sun cream before the start of each session.

 End of Term Arrangements

Could all bedtime stories please be returned to nursery on the week beginning 13th June?

The cloakroom should be cleared of bags, shoes and all personal belongings at the start of the last week to allow for cleaning and setting up for August. Please keep checking the lost property box. Most children do not need a bag with a change of clothes. We have a supply of clothes in nursery for the ‘odd wee accident’.

 Moving into school

 We always enjoy hearing about the children’s visits to their new school and how wonderful their new teachers are! The children going to Nether Currie have enjoyed their school lunch and meeting Mrs Drummond. Currie Primary Children have had a very successful first visit to their class to meet their teacher and their new classmates.

In nursery we talk about school, and support the children in the transition into Primary 1. We have a classroom set up for the children to play in. It always attracts a breed of very stern teachers who seem to come straight from Victorian times! Today we examined a very strange school dinner tray!

It is always a happy/sad time when we see the children moving on to school but gratifying to watch them do this confidently. It doesn’t mean to say there aren’t a few tears, so remember your tissues.


 Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer holidays. We look forward to hearing about the school children’s new adventures and welcoming our returning children on Wednesday 17th August.

 Nursery Newsletter May 16

This term

We’re hoping for some lovely summer weather to fully utilise our nursery garden which continues to expand and be developed. Mrs Griffin has been ably helped by some children to paint the pirate boat and has now moved on to the climbing frame. The mud kitchen is a very popular addition and we are grateful to the Currie and Balerno News for donating the funding for this. You may have noticed some photos in the May edition of the paper.

Thank you for remembering to apply the children’s sun cream on sunny days. We have a supply of yellow sunhats and are ensuring that the children wear one when outside playing.

Library Visits

Some of our morning children have accepted the invitation to walk up to Currie Library where we have been made very welcome by the librarians there. You may consider allowing your child to become a member and be given the opportunity to look at and borrow a wide range of children’s books appropriate for nursery aged children.

Wall of Fame

This ‘wall’ is to be found beside the bedtime story area in nursery. It allows the children to tell us about the things they are doing outwith nursery. They may have learned to ride a bike, swim without arm bands or have helped their family tidy up the garden for the summer. Any ‘achievement’ can be displayed here and it would be nice to see more pictures, certificates and stories exhibited.

Emergency contacts, illness and medicines

From time to time we need to contact parents/carers if their child becomes ill in nursery. Please ensure that your emergency contact telephone numbers are kept up to date. This can be done by writing a new address, phone number and any other contact details and given to the school office.

Parents are also reminded that in accordance with the City of Edinburgh infection control policy, children have to be kept off nursery for 48 hours after the last episode of diarrhoea or vomiting. You should also be aware of an outbreak of chicken pox in nursery. Children should not return to nursery until the spots have dried up and the children are well again.

We keep medication for some children in nursery. Again we have guidelines that we follow strictly in these cases. You will be asked to fill in appropriate forms and on some occasions meet with staff to inform us of your child’s needs and agree on a care plan.

Please do not leave medicines of any type in your child’s nursery bag on their peg.

Learning Journals

Thank you for taking the time to post some helpful comments on your child’s journals. The children love looking at this with their families and filling in the details! Remember if you experience difficulties accessing the journals online, the school office can reissue new passwords to help with this.


Parents Ideas

You will have noticed a list asking for ideas for our snack. Our children are always offering ideas for new snack choices. Parents will be relieved that the sausage and chips idea will not be taken up!

Some parents have taken the time to comment on our new improved nursery garden. Thank you for that.

Diary Dates

Looking forward into June.

Saturday 28th May   Currie Primary May Fayre

Monday 30th May 5pm Transition meeting for parents of children starting Currie Primary in August

Week beginning 13th June. All Bedtime Stories to be returned to nursery for the summer.

Wednesday 15th June (am and pm) Nursery sports (details to follow)

Wednesday 29th June – last session for afternoon children

Thursday 30th June – last session for morning children

Further details for both the sports day arrangements and our end of term ‘event’ will be issued nearer the time.

Mud Kitchen

The children in Nursery are loving playing in our new Mud Kitchen, which we purchased with the money donated to our school from the Currie and Balerno News earlier in the year. This has been a fantastic addition to our developing outdoor play area. Thank you to everyone at the C and B News for their very kind donation

Nursery Newsletter

thCA6FDENT  April 2016

Welcome back to the children after the Easter Holidays.  We are all hoping that the warm sunny weather that we expect in April will soon arrive!

You will see from our website that there are a few holidays coming up and these are also listed below.

Nursery is closed to children on –

Monday 18th April

Monday 2nd May

Thursday 5th May

Monday 23rd May

Nursery closes for the summer holidays on Thursday 30th June after the morning session.

You may also wish to put the Sports Day date in your diary,  It will be held on Wednesday 15th June at both morning and afternoon sessions.

For children who started nursery in January or in April 2016

Parents of these children will be invited to come to nursery to talk to either Mrs Dempster or Mrs Griffin about their child’s initial time in nursery.  A timetable is displayed on the notice board at the nursery entrance to allow parents to choose a convenient appointment.

The Garden

Despite very wet weather this week, we have managed to get outside to enjoy our outdoor space. A focus of our learning over the next few weeks will be outdoor play.

We are grateful to a team from Blackrock Finance who are helping us develop this area by ‘painting’ our outdoor equipment.

thCAH1HPN9  The children have been collecting sticks for their ‘bonfires’ and have enjoyed, ‘Sailing the Seven Seas’ in our relocated pirate ship. We are seeing lots of good co-operation and imaginative play.

Our children are encouraged to play outdoors and need weather appropriate clothing.  When the sun decides to shine, parents/carers are reminded that sun cream should be applied before the children come to nursery.

Feedback and Suggestions

Thank you for your support in completing our Bedtime Stories questionnaires.

We value parents/carers ideas and suggestions and consider these as we plan activities for the children.  If you prefer to write these rather than talk to staff, you will find wee slips of paper at the entrance to the nursery for this purpose.  Of course, we are always happy to talk to parents if they have concerns or issues they need to discuss.

The Nursery Team

March Newsletter

Starting School

Many of our children are starting school in August and we are beginning to put our transition programme into action. The children coming to Currie Primary School have had an information pack which includes a sheet detailing the school visit days at the end of the school session. These dates are also listed on our website:

Monday 30 May 2016 –     Transition Meeting for Parents/Carers – 5pm Main School Hall

Tuesday 31st May 2016 – 9.15am-10.15am children in P1 classes with the P1 teacher

Tuesday 7 June 2016 –    9.15am-10.15am children in P1 classes with the P1 teacher

Tuesday 14 June 2016 –   9.15am-10.15am children in P1 classes with the P1 teacher

Nether Currie Primary children will be advised by their school about their transition arrangements.

Parents of all morning pre-school children have been invited to join the children in a group time and meet with our Depute Head, Mrs McAndrew, to talk about issues surrounding starting school. There are still a few of these slots available on the timetable which has been posted on the notice board for the last few weeks.

 Parental Consultations

We are looking forward to meeting the parents/carers of our pre-school children again. These consultations will take place on Tuesday 15th March and Thursday 17th March. You have received information both through Wisepay and by letter about booking a convenient appointment with either Mrs Griffin or Mrs Dempster online.

 Please Help!

After the Easter Holidays we will have 120 children in nursery. That’s a lot of children with a lot of belongings! At this time of the year, the children have winter coats, hats, gloves etc. With having so many children, there is a lot of identical clothing, most of which is not labelled with a child’s name.

We had a recent incident of two wee boys claiming the same jacket in same size, as their own. Staff were unable to help because the coats weren’t labelled. You only have to check our lost property shelf (please do!) to realise how many items of clothing remains unclaimed.

Please take a minute to write your child’s first and family names on the label and keep checking that this remains legible. Most children’s coats have a space for their name. However, we ask that all items of clothing worn to nursery is labelled including sweatshirts, shoes, gym shoes etc.

What’s happening in nursery?

This past two weeks we have taken part in a school theme, highlighting Fairtrade. The morning children attended a school assembly and as usual, behaved very well. We have built up an impressive display of Fairtrade goods and children are enjoying looking for the Fairtrade symbol on packaging. I am sure you will have had your cupboards inspected for labels. I know that trips to the supermarket have kept our Fairtrade detectives busy!

We continue to include numbers and counting in areas throughout the nursery. Children are learning to count to ten from zero forwards and backwards, count on from a number other than zero, say which number comes before and after a number and begin to investigate bigger numbers. Children are recognising numbers up to ten and are able to put these in order. We are also introducing lots of counting activities and encouraging the children to match the appropriate number to a group of items. Snakes and Ladders and Dominoes are very popular at the moment too!

Our new theme this month is ‘Rhymes and Rhyming words’. Being able to identify words that rhyme is an important pre-reading skill. ‘I spy with my little eye, something that rhymes with …..’ is a very good game for car journeys!

Learning Journals

A few parents have let us know that they were having difficulty accessing their child’s journal online. The office are able to reissue passwords etc to sort this problem out.

 Bedtime Stories Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to complete these. It’s great to read that most people are enjoying being able to choose a book with their child to share at home.


The school holidays and other diary dates are included in the school website blog.

Easter Holidays – Nursery finishes on the 24th March at 3.30pm and starts again on Monday 11th April at 8.30 am.

Please note that there is a Monday holiday on 18th April

February Newsletter

It’s in the Bag!

The morning children are in for a treat on Wednesday 10th when we have a visit from this talented group of story tellers who use puppets, songs and audience participation to help present the story. Both the children and staff love them. We can’t wait!

Curricular Meetings – preschool children

As part of our transition into Primary 1 programme, we will be inviting parents into nursery to take part in a short group time activity and afterwards to meet informally with Ms Hourston or Mrs McAndrew to talk about how the Curriculum for Excellence in Scottish Schools, early level, helps support the children’s learning as they move from nursery to P1.

Four Tuesday mornings in March have been identified for these visits. Parents will come into nursery at 8.30 with their children and take part in a group time session before meeting with Ms Hourston or Mrs McAndrew

If you wish to participate in this, please add your names to the list for the day you wish to attend. A list for the red group (Mrs Griffin) and one for the blue group (Mrs Dempster) will be posted on the nursery notice board.

Food Hygiene Inspection

We recently passed a spot inspection by the Food Standards Agency. A copy of the certificate awarded is on display on the notice board.

Helping Children Become Independent

The question that parents ask nursery staff most often is about how they can help their child to cope in nursery.

If children are able to perform ‘self -help’ skills independently it allows them to focus on other issues such as choosing and participating in activities, developing social interaction skills and becoming happy and settled in the nursery setting.

Encourage children to put on coats with minimum help, making sure every item of clothing, including shoes, is clearly labelled with their name,

It is helpful if children are fully toilet trained and able to wash and dry their hands afterwards before starting nursery.

In nursery, the children are encouraged to hang up their own coat and parents can help by showing their child where their own peg is.

thCARCG2RW Bedtime Stories

We are pleased that we are now able to include our afternoon boys and girls in this new initiative. They will soon be proudly carrying home their book bags with the book they have chosen to share with their parents.

We will be asking parents to provide us with some feedback on how they feel the bedtime stories are going and would welcome suggestions and ideas on how to improve this.

What’s Happening in Nursery this month?

The craft area with cutting out, sticking and modelling is always popular. Thank you for keeping our stock of ‘junk’ flowing for the children to use. Keep it up!

thCAEWG2QE This year, Chinese New Year falls in February and we will celebrate this with activities such as stories, art activities and food tasting based around a Chinese theme.

thCALL41FA  A school initiative this month is Fair Trade Week which the nursery will also take part in, helping the children develop an awareness of what ‘Fair Trade’ is and how we can make a difference to farmers around the world. The children will be looking out for the fair trade symbol on items in your shopping basket!

thCAMYBV20 There is a focus on numbers and counting around the nursery helping the children recognise numbers 0-10 and to develop their ability to count items within this range. This is another area that parents can help their children with.

Winter Weather continues this month as the hoped for snow and ice only visited Currie briefly! Even the children are tired of the wind and rain!

This weather has prevented us from fully accessing the ‘new’ grassed area in the garden. The children have helped choose items for this area and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a large wooden ‘mud kitchen.’

The children have embraced the Scottish celebrations this week with dancing, art work and lots of Scottish music. Toby and Murray both had starring roles at the school Scottish assembly and were so successful that everyone is still talking about it! Well done to them!

February Holiday Week

May we remind you of the annual holiday when the school and nursery will be closed from Monday 15th February until Friday 19th February inclusive.

 January Newsletter

Happy new year to all our nursery families.

The children are all pleased to return to nursery after a busy festive holiday and I am sure that their parents are happy about this too.

We would also like to welcome twenty-one additional children to our afternoon nursery class and look forward to working with them and their families in the future. It is always nice to get to know new children and to become reacquainted with families that have had children in nursery in the past.

thCAYYODR7       Nursery Hours        thCARUOVXB

Thank you to our parents and carers for bringing children to nursery and collecting them promptly.

At the start of each session, it is important that children take part in our group sessions where they are welcomed, registered and have activities or events of the session explained. We also use this time as a literacy focus for stories, songs and conversation.

There is a ten minute window for children to come into nursery. In the morning this is from 8.30 am until 8.40 am and for the afternoon children this is from 12.20 pm until 12.30 pm. The Curriehill Road gate is locked at this time to provide security and to allow staff to be available to interact with the children.

At the end of each session, again, there are ten minutes for the children to be collected and to vacate the nursery. In the morning this is from 11.30 am until 11.40 am and in the afternoon from 3.20 until 3.30 pm.

If parents/carers are delayed in coming to collect their child please contact the school by telephone so that arrangements can be made for your child while he/she waits.

Should parents/carers need to access the nursery outwith these times, please come to the main school entrance and nursery staff will be contacted by office staff.

thCAKPP8B9    Nursery Focus

Many of our nursery themes and activities are ‘calendar’ based. This month we are thinking about winter and winter weather. Of course, the children are hoping for snow, snowmen and sledging which most of the children have little memory of despite talking about it all the time!

Also, as part of the school’s plan, we will be celebrating Burns Day with a variety of Scottish songs, stories, dancing and music.

Bedtime Stories    thCARCG2RW

The children will be bringing home their first bedtime story in their own book bag for you to share at bedtime. Mrs Paterson has provided a printed sheet in the bag explaining the procedure for changing the book when your child has finished with it.

This is a new exciting initiative for us.

The Garden

You will have noticed the changes that have taken place in the garden this week. As I write, workmen are cutting down the metal fence to allow access to the hilly, grassed area that has now been fenced in to extend our play area substantially.

We have great plans for this area and have a wish list for additional resources. We are hoping to involve parents in a fund raising initiative to help pay for this. Watch this space for more details.


Nursery holidays are available on the school website.

February holiday    All break     Friday 12th February

All return    Monday 22nd February

Easter holidays      All break     Thursday 24th March

All return    Monday 11th April

Here’s to 2016 and another successful year working in partnership for your children.

Sandra Dempster                                                                                                                                  Nursery Teacher

thCAHHP5NC December Newsletter

Despite trying to postpone using the ‘C’ (Christmas) word in nursery until 1st December, it appears that the season to be jolly is upon us. The children are clearly becoming increasingly excited! The last month of the year is a very happy, lively time for us as we look forward to the special holidays.

Christmas Activities

thCASPBH0X  The list is endless!

  • The boys and girls are making festive decorations which you will see around the playrooms.
  • Nativity dressing up and ‘small world’ play is available to choose.
  • We are learning Christmas songs and games for the parties.
  • Christmas books and stories complete with displays.
  • Christmas sensory experiences – things to touch, smell, and to listen to.
  • The home corner is now equipped with minis Santa suits, pyjamas and Christmas stockings.

Enterprise Project

Thank you for taking the time to post comments on the learning journals telling us about how you have liked the little hanging pictures the children have made. There have been moments recently when the nursery has resembled Santa’s workshop as we ensured that every child has made a picture, but it is nice to have a little memory of this moment of your child’s life. No Christmas is complete without a handmade decoration in pride of place!

We are delighted to announce that the total raised is £254. Thank you all for your usual support and enthusiasm.

thCARCG2RW  Bedtime Stories

This new initiative will be launched in the New Year. We have a stock of lovely books. The children will be invited to choose a bedtime story to take home to share with their grown -ups. Watch this space for more details!

thCA6NE20M  1+2 Languages

The nursery will be participating in this national initiative which allows children to experience another language. In the early stages of schools in our neighbourhood group, this will be French. Staff are brushing up their rusty skills and are ably supported by some of our talented parents. All support gratefully received. Did you know, that French children put out a shoe for Santa to fill?

 New Children

We are pleased to be welcoming twenty-one new children to afternoon nursery in January. Some of the boys and girls came to nursery for a wee visit and enjoyed it so much, they were reluctant to leave at going home time! We are looking forward to working with the children and their families in the years to come.

thCAGYOBAI  Christmas Cards

Children are always keen to send Christmas cards to their nursery friends. Could we ask that the children bring one card only to nursery? We will open this at group time and display it in nursery. This has been successful in the past and as an ‘eco’ school, helps us be less wasteful.

After Christmas we are happy to receive used wrapping paper and ‘interesting’ Christmas card pictures for cutting out – another form of recycling!

End of term arrangements

We are holding our Christmas parties on the last nursery sessions of the year. Parents are invited into nursery early to meet Santa and hear some Christmas songs. We are always happy to welcome the children’s grown- ups at this time but respectfully remind parents that we have limited space in the nursery, especially for morning children. Please don’t hire a bus to bring your extended family!

Afternoon children         Monday 21st December party     Parents come at 2.45 p.m.

Morning Children             Tuesday 22nd December party   Parents come 11.00 a.m.

In the interests of security, at the end of the party, children will return to their own ‘story corners’ and be dismissed in the usual way.

All children return to nursery on Thursday 7th January 2016

Happy Holidays

Wishing our nursery families a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We are looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with you and thank you for all your support in 2015.

Wishing our nursery families a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We are looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with you and thank you for all your support in 2015.

Nursery Christmas Enterprise Project

This year the nursery children made little decorative hanging pictures for their project. Every child made and decorated three linked picture frames and helped gift wrap them. Parents were invited into the nursery to buy this ‘nursery memory’ and the children were thrilled to have raised the grand total of £242! A fortune! The children have been looking at the catalogues to decide which nursery resources we should buy! Thank you to our parents for supporting this initiative.Nursery enterprise

November Newsletter

 There are only six weeks left of this term with nursery finishing on Tuesday 22nd December at 11.40 a.m, and we have lots of things to fit into these weeks.

th  Autumn

Activities over the last few weeks have been focussed around the season. This has included Hallowe’en and Firework fun. The children have been interested in hibernating animals and have been observing the ever changing weather and its effects.

thCA1N93WO This is a good time of year, when the clocks change and the days are shorter, to revisit safety on the roads. We have been talking about safe places to cross and have had a visit from our lovely ‘Lollipop Lady’, Hazel. Children have been told that the most important rule for nursery boys and girls when crossing the road is to hold their grown -ups hand. Parents and carers are our children’s role models when it comes to road safety!

The roads around the nursery at dropping off and picking up times continue to cause concern and we urge parents to park with consideration to children’s safety.

thCARCG2RW  Bedtime Stories

You will have noticed from the website that we are introducing a new initiative for parents and children.

Mrs Paterson is busy building resources and sorting out bookbags as I write!

Shortly, children will be given the chance to choose a book to take home with their parents from a display behind the big notice board in the round room. Parents can choose a book with their child, take it home for as long as their child wants the book and bring it back when it has to be exchanged.

To make this an easy procedure, there is no logging in involved – just pick a book at arrival or collection time, share it with your child and then bring it back.

JDRF Type Onesie Day

Children are invited to wear their pyjamas or onesies to nursery on Friday 13th Nov and to pay £1 for the privilege! More information is available on the school website. We are pleased to support this charity which helps our children.

Enterprise Project

At this time of the year we usually involve the children in a little fund raising project. The money raised is used in a variety of ways. A big focus at the moment is the continuing development of the outside space. We always find ways to spend any additional money!

The children have started making a decorative item (I am being deliberately secretive!) and parents will be invited into nursery to buy these.

The children are involved in making these, understand that they are being sold in a special nursery shop and that the money is buying new toys and resources for us all to enjoy.

We are hoping that parents will be happy to pay at least £3 for this wonderful work of art. You won’t be disappointed!

Learning Journals

We love reading your feedback written after you’ve read observations on your child’s learning journals. Thank you for this. Children tell us that they’ve been looking at pictures and stories on their journals with their parents – grannies and grandpas seem to particularly enjoy them! It is a good way of know what is happening in nursery, particularly for parents of children who are told that, ‘Nothing happened today!’

For children attending Currie Primary, these journals continue as the children move through the school.

Please let staff know if you are experiencing any difficulties accessing these journals. We can help sort this out.

End of Term Dates

You will notice that the holiday dates are on the school website.

Last afternoon session and Christmas party – Monday 21st December

Last morning session and Christmas party – Tuesday 22nd December

All Children return on Thursday 7th January 2016

Thank you, as usual, for your continuing support,

The Nursery Team

Octber News

October in the Nursery


Can we remind you that the nursery will be closed to children from Monday 12th October to Wednesday 21st October.

Outdoor Area

We continue to develop and resource this area. Remember that children will need coats, shoes etc suitable for cold weather each day in nursery.

Lost Property

We’ve had a couple of incidents of children having shoes and sweatshirts mixed up. It is hard to identify your child’s item from this season’s Next collection if two identical coats don’t have a name clearly marked on it. We have had a child in nursery who was able to sniff a garment and match it with the right child, but he’s moved into school now so we need to rely on a more conventional method! Please write your child’s name on all items of clothing – scarves, gloves, shoes – everything!


Morning parents and carers will have noticed our headteacher, Ms Hourston greeting parents on Friday mornings. Mrs Dempster no longer works on Fridays and Ms Hourston is in the nursery at that time. She tells us that she is loving it! (And so is Mrs Dempster!)


Children have been fully engaged in learning activities around the theme of ‘Five Senses’. We have had all manner of food to taste which has incorporated ‘Scottish Harvest’ in keeping with the rest of the school.

IMG_0572 IMG_0603 IMG_0630 IMG_0657 IMG_0669

Next term our theme will be ‘Autumn’ and when the days are shorter we always remind children about being safe on the roads. If you are out and about over the holiday week you may get the opportunity to collect some dry cones, conkers, pieces of bark to help with our learning activities.

Parents Consultations

This week we have invited parents/carers of pre-school children to discuss their child’s progress with Mrs Dempster and Mrs Griffin.

We have put up appointment times on the notice board for parents/carers of afternoon children to talk about their child’s first few weeks of nursery. Please write your name in one of the boxes if you wish to do this.

Can we remind you that staff are always happy to talk to parents about any concerns they may have? We will be able to arrange a mutually convenient time if necessary.

Have a happy holiday.

Below is our nursery handbook which gives information about what you and your child can expect when starting in our nursery.

CurrieNurseryHandbook revised June 14

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