Christmas has come early to the school library!

Over the past few weeks the school library has taken delivery of many lovely new books. Nearly £300 worth of books have been purchased using commission from our annual Book Fair (this is on top of the £800 commission already spent on books for classes) and we have also received a very generous donation from the PTA. This has allowed us to keep up to date with new releases (Diary of a Wimpy Kid and David Walliams are always very popular!) and purchase books requested by the children – our new books range from fish, reptiles, martial arts and the solar system to Star Wars, Frozen and Pokemon! We have also purchased copies of books written by the Scottish author Lari Don who visited the older pupils recently and other books relating to class projects.

Our most popular book though is the Guinness Book of Records. So popular in fact that this year we have purchased three copies of the 2017 edition, two copies are out to borrow and one copy will be kept in the library for all pupils to enjoy!

We look forward to your continued support at our next Book Fair in March 2017.

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