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Building Bridges at Currie Primary School

On the 29th of April, all of the P7’s got the chance to design and build bridges with Edinburgh College. We got put into small groups and then we learnt about the different types of bridges. We went on a TEAMS call to learn about how we could make our bridges stronger using tension and compression.

We got a pack of items including card, paper, string, split pins, straws, elastic bands and a limited amount of tape that we could use to make our bridges . We got about 2 and a half hours to plan and build our bridges.

Then we tested our first bridge and it held 2.2kg! We went on another TEAMS call and got to show some of the bridges to Edinburgh College and the other classes. The winning bridge in our class held an amazing amount of 4.5kg!

This was a fun experience and we all thank Edinburgh college for giving us this opportunity!

Fergus, P7B

On the 29th of April P7b did a STEM building challenge with Edinburgh College . The challenge was to make a bridge which holds the most weight. 

We had to make them out of paper strips, paper straws, a piece of string, some cellotape, 2 pieces of card, 2 pieces of paper and 2 elastic bands.

We went on a teams call with 4 other classes and people from Edinburgh college. They taught us all how tension and compression works and what designs work best they also told us how to use the resources we had to make our bridges. Then they gave us about 2 hours to make them.

We made our bridges by using some of the techniques like tying paper straws together using string and strengthening the base by using card paper and straws then we tested them with weights and then went on a call and showed the other classes and they showed us theirs.

The winning team got 4500g, 2nd got 2900g and 3rd (my team)got 2200g.

We had lots of fun!

Fia, P7B

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Girls 4 Tech

On Monday 26 – Wednesday 28 April, all primary 6 girls took part in two sessions to learn all about girls working with technology. We learned what STEM meant (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and all things digital. In the first session we learned what technology is and how old it is, and how we use it so much in our everyday lives. We also thought about what type of people we are and how this works in the world of STEM/technology. During the second session, we found out about encryption and coding, which keeps our personal information safe. We learned about how we all have a digital footprint and how the big companies (such as Mastercard) can data cluster what we buy to detect fraud if our card was used for something unusual. We learned that there are lots of technology jobs out there and lots of skills you can learn along the way in order to get one of these jobs in the future. We really enjoyed both sessions and possible careers in this industry.

by Anum Nagi (P6a) and Mrs Strange

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Girls Football

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Gate of Hope and Wishes

Our Easter Assembly this year was all about hope. Everyone in school has written messages of hope and wishes to keep us all going during the pandemic as restrictions start to slowly lift. We hope you enjoy reading these as you go past school over the next few weeks.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter from everyone at school! We hope everyone has a lovely break over the holidays. Our Easter Bonnets were once more absolutely amazing! A lovely colourful end of term!

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Support for Families Spring 2021 South West Edinburgh

Things are still really tough for families just now. Information on the free or low cost activities and support available in Edinburgh can be downloaded from    

If you feel you or your child is struggling and need support email and a member of our friendly team will get back to you. 


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Comic Relief at CPS 2021

We enjoyed a fun day in school today celebrating Comic Relief with a joke telling session and raising £237.00 in the process. Thank you to everyone for supporting this great cause by wearing red, telling a joke or donating money. We hope you all enjoy the show.

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Welcome back P4 – P7

It was lovely to have everyone back in school day! The classrooms were a hive of activity and the playground a busy buzz of games, noise and laughter in the Spring sunshine!

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Where’s Wilma

Congratulations to Abi who created a map for our ‘Where’s Wally’ hunt and decided to dress up to complete the trail!

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P1 and P2 Block Play

Our P1 and P2 classes are loving their new big blocks and are building some amazing structures.

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