End of Year Review

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Presenting P7 2020

P7 missed out on the Quali last week but put together this video instead! Thank you to P7 for letting us share this with you all.

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Home Learning

Great to see the fantastic work still coming in through both emails for the website and on Teams. Looks like P6 are enjoying the John Muir Award!

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Reopening of Schools August 20

Detailed arrangements are being put in place by the City of Edinburgh Council to ensure the safest return possible for pupils and staff when schools reopen in August.

Following the announcement by the Scottish Government last month, all pupils will return on Wednesday 12 August, a week earlier than programmed.

In accordance with national guidance, social distancing, hygiene regimes and risk assessments will be essential to keep children and staff safe, with the result that not all children will be able to return to school at the same time.

Here is the letter issued by Alistair Gaw Chief Executive Director for Communities and Families on pupils’ return to mainstream schools from 12 August 2020


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Taekwondo Association of Great Britain, Scottish Junior Online Patterns Competition

It is lovely to see our learners continuing with their sports and interests in the different ways we are all faced with at the moment and excelling in their fields! In a recent TAGB (Taekwondo Association of Great Britain) Scottish Junior Online Patterns Competition three Currie Primary School children won medals for their division! For Yellow Belt James (P2) won the gold medal and Aaron (P2) won bronze, and for White Belt Gilles (P4) won bronze. All three are members of Pentlands Taekwondo and this was their first time competing. They worked really hard and did extremely well against a large number of entries from across Scotland. Well done boys – we are all very proud of your amazing achievements.

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Joke Telling Challenge

Luke from P4B made up this joke himself and sent it in – its a good one!

What do you call a version of yourself that keeps falling over?

A topple-ganger!!!


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Joke Telling Challenge

Some more jokes for the joke telling challenge from Lucie in P1C!

What do you call an Italian with a rubber toe?

Roberto 😊

Why did the cow like dancing to the beat?

Cos it liked mooving


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Telling Jokes Challenge

This week’s whole school nurture task is telling jokes – here are a couple that have been sent it! K

What type of hairdo do bees get?



Why did the boy throw the clock out of the window?

To see time fly😂

Grayson P5A and Penny P2A

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Dairy Farming

Keira in P4A made this fantastic video as part of her home learning. We all think she has a future career in film making! we hope you enjoy watching.

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Home Learning week 8

Lovely  to see the great work still coming in, lots of beautiful friendship flowers, art challenges, writing and Sports Day events. We  are really delighted with the work  being shared on Teams too. Good job everyone!


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