Maths Challenge


We have just come from Merchiston castle school from a maths competition. There were 32 different schools competing at the competition and Currie Primary group A came 10th and Currie Primary group B came 29th.

To get there we had to take the 45 public bus. When we arrived we went into their dining room and had some juice and we were given our teams for the day. We went to the grand hall and found our table and our teams. At first we got a puzzle sheet and we had to complete it. There were lots of hard questions and lots of easy questions. After a bit an adult came over to our table and we had to do some problem solving. When we were done that task we moved onto the next table and so on. After the morning round Currie Primary school were 3rd but it all changed in the afternoon. All of the schools went to have lunch and it was very fancy food. We could choose from chicken legs, mushroom soup, fish, pasta and sandwiches.

After lunch we did some more Maths but we did it in pairs. Basically the group you were in for the morning from that group you were spilt into pairs. One pair would go up to an adult and collect a question and they would take it to the other pair. Once the pair completed the question they would take it back up to the adult and collect a question for the other pair. After a while we changed to just getting your own question and that worked much better.

When we had finished the maths the results were announced. Currie Primary A team came in 10th place. Currie Primary B team were 29th. We all had a great day. Miss Mackay and Miss Mackay were extremely impressed with how we gave it our all and persevered during the tricky parts.

By Ailie Dodds and Abbey Weller

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