P5 and P6 Sports Festival at Oriam

On the 10th of May 2017 P5&6 went to the Oriam at Heriot Watt University. There was a lot of different activities like: frisbee, football, dodge ball, netball, basketball and healthy living. Healthy living isn’t a sport however what we did was talk about lots of different food groups and then we played ‘guess the food’ challenge.

We were helped by the Lloyds banking group. They were volunteers for the day. To help they gave us loads of support and helped us through our day. We had group names such as: Currie Stars, Currie Super Squad, Savage Potatoes and Currie Warriors. We also had to create a cheer. One cheer was, “1234 we are Currie Warriors”. It was so much fun.

After we did all the activities we went to a hall to do a ceremony. There were two trophies. One was for team spirit and the other one was for the team that had the most points. One of our teams won the competition cup which was a fantastic achievement. After they handed out the trophies everyone got a medal. We also got a picture of everyone that took part in the event. We then walked back to the school.

Our favourite part of the day was:

Dodgeball, football and netball. Everyone had an amazing time. Thank you to all the staff that works at the Oriam and a massive thank you to the  Lloyds Banking group. 

This is what the winning team had to say:

“I think we did really well. We put our individual talents together to forge the trophy into our grasp. We got put into our team and we were all surprised to be in the same team. With everyone being friends we had good chemistry. We all did our best and tried our hardest. We are all proud of each other.

Well done to everyone in P5 and P6. As always the children were enthusiastic, polite and gave it their all. Our winning cup is displayed proudly in reception if you would like to see it.

A great thank you to the parent helpers who took us to the Oriam. It wasvery much appreciated.

By Amy, Grace, Emma Jo, James, Ben, Aimee B, Aaron  and Cameron

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