P4 Healthy Living afternoon

P4 worked really hard to plan and organise a Healthy Living afternoon for their families. Our afternoon was a celebration of all the learning that has taken place over the past six weeks. P4 worked brilliantly in their co-operative groups to organise the different stalls and enjoyed the responsibility of planning what was going to happen at each stall. It was brilliant to look around the room and see children giving massages, making fruit salads, showing their adults how to brush their teeth and wash their hands. Our ‘fruit bowl feedback’ showed that our families had learnt a lot and had enjoyed the different activities. Here are a few final thoughts from P4…

” I liked chopping up the fruit and trying my fruit salad.” Ebtisam

” It was fun teaching my mum some exercises.” Yanis

” My mum loved the massage!” Isabella

“I enjoyed showing my mum how to wash her hands with the soap.” Mufaro

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