Dragons of the Western Sea

We enjoyed welcoming Scottish Opera to school to work with our P7 classes on a production of Dragons of the Western Sea! A sumamry of the story is as follows:

The Emperor of Ming dynasty China, Zhu Di, decides to send out an enormous fleet of nine-masted ships, each the length of three football pitches, in order to increase China’s trade and influence in the mysterious lands to the west. Each ship is laden with fabulous treasure which will be distributed wherever they make friendly landfall. The Emperor chooses his old, trusted friend, Admiral Zheng He, to lead the expedition. During the expedition the ships sail to India, Africa and fight with pirates in the Persian Sea before arriving back home in China.

Our P7 have worked hard to learn the songs and music over the last 3 weeks and spent the day on Wednesday with members of the Scottish Opera on the choreography of the show. The costumes were amazing and P7 did a fantastic job performing for our classes and their parents and family members. It really was an amazing show! We were all really proud of the way P7 became so involved with and enthusiastic about this event and so obviously enjoyed it as, you will see from the photos!  Well done everyone!

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