EPPSA cross-country event.

On a lovely but freezing cold Monday morning 32 pupils from Currie Primary School jumped on a coach and headed to the Meadows to take part in the EPPSA cross-country event.  There were 17 schools present. All schools could have entered up to 10 pupils at each age group. The P6 races definitely nearly hit the 170 pupils participating with the P7s 120 + in each race.  Each race was a mile long.  The races were very fast and busy with a few unlucky pupils falling over in the mud but thankfully all of our Currie pupils managed to stay on their. Everyone from Currie showed his or her resilience in both participating and enduring one of the coldest days this year. Their joggers and school hoodies were certainly appreciated after their races with Morgan, Bethany and James’s Mums cheering them on at the finish then passing over their hoodies, which were gratefully received.  Thank you to these Mums for doing this for everyone!
We then proudly cheered Mathew on as he was third in the P7 race! An amazing achievement as the only practice he has had was a few sessions at the school cross country club and on the football pitch.  Fraser came a wonderful 8th place in the same race with Lucy coming in 15th and Maddie 21st out of 100+ girls in the Primary 7 race.  In the P6s, Sandy came in 14th in the P6 boys race with Jess sprinting into 19th place in the P6 girls race.  Mrs Elliot and all school staff are very proud of all our runners who were fantastic participants in this event, showing great determination, stamina and most importantly of all team spirit supporting and encouraging each other on. Well done everyone.

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