Sports Relief 2018


IMG_3791 Thank you to everyone for taking part in our Sports Relief celebrations in school this week – we raised just over £200 for this fantastic charity! Assembly this morning was all about Sports Relief and what gets us all moving. Some of our pupils told us about the sports they play. It was really interesting to hear our pupils speaking so confidently in front of our whole school about how they got involved in their chosen sports and how hard they all train and how well they are all doing. Hannah told us about her swimming, Corrie spoke about his ice hockey, Cameron about fencing, Lucy about triathlon, Ellie spoke about her highland dancing, Logan about rugby and Joseph, Mackenzie, Aidan and Stella spoke about the different football teams they play for. Rowantold us about basketball and Kyle and Lisa spoke about their Tae-Kwon-Do.

As well as this throughout the week we have been getting involved in the billion steps challenge by walking round the playground with our classmates. We were thrilled when we got together at the end of the morning to count up our all our steps to discover we had collectively walked 2, 030, 035 steps!! Well done Currie Primary School!

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