Our Week at Camp 

On the 27th of August we went to our P7 camp at Kingswood in England. On the way it was a long journey by coach, but we got there and it was worth it. When we got there we had a big lunch. After lunch it was climbing and orienteering then dinner. Our night time activity was a murder mystery – it was fun!

The next morning we had a filling breakfast before starting our activities. We did leap of faith where we had to climb a high tower and jump off which was amazing. We then tried Jacobs Ladder which was wobbly and challenging. Our night time activity was a campfire and we sang songs, told stories, danced and laughed then we went back to our dorms and did circle time then went to bed.

On Wednesday we did obstacle course and aeroball which were so fun. We loved the obstacle course because we raced against the other team! We had dinner which was tasty then we watched High School Musical 2 which we loved. It was so cool with all the singing and dancing, after we went straight to bed because we were so tired.

Our last full day was our favourite activity – which was the 3G swing – it was the best activity by far. Our team pulled us up high with rope then we had to pull a cord once we got to the top. The instructor then shouted 1-2-3-G and we went flying forward, it was so high that we were all screaming. That night we had a disco which was so fun, then we went to bed early because we had to get up early to go home.

At camp some people really challenged themselves with their fears of heights, the dark and staying away from home for four nights. We were also challenged to work as a team on a various amount of activities.

It was the best week and we will never forget it!

Jess, Ben and Luca P7

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