What a rebel I’ve been!

P7 have once more taken part in the Pentland Book Groups Annual Schools writing competition. This year the children were asked to write a poem about a rebel. We were delighted to be notified this morning that Natalia Iwan’s entry has made it through to the finals which will be held at Currie Community High School on 24th of November 2018. We are all very proud of Natalia’s poem and wish her the very best of luck in the final round of judging. We will let you all know how she gets on. We thought you might like to read Natalia’s poem so here it is.

What a rebel I’ve been!

Fighting in the bus,
Swearing in the park.
Drinking ‘till I’m drunk,
Partying ‘till it’s dark.

Life’s for enjoying,
And not for regretting.
We’re the most popular at school,
Look at all the fame we are getting!

Blame equals shame,
So why should we own up?
Nerds are very unlovely,
So why not apply makeup?

We always steal lots of things,
Like gold, diamonds, and lots of money.
Thousands of people are calling the police,
Shrieking, “I’m being robbed! This is not funny!

Kicking bins in public,
The police are chasing us.
Vandalism is our hobby,
We don’t care about the fuss.

At least that’s what I thought,
Back when I was a teen.
I regret doing all these things,
Oh, what a rebel I’ve been!

Natalia Iwan

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