Global Play Day Wednesday 6 February 19

It was really fun because if other people brought a game in you don’t have, you could play it. It brought everyone together. – Louis P6a

It was good because it gives you a break from all the hard work. – Trudy P6a

Beth P6a – I think it was more social and expanding your friend group.

It was really fun because everyone was sharing their stuff with everybody. – Ryan P6a

I was happy when everyone wanted to play with my Magnatiles. – Jacob P1b

I was helping one of the nursery children (outdoor play). They were stuck so I helped them. – Ellie P1b

I liked making a base. We put logs on the poles to make a roof and Mr Fraser helped us secure it by tying knots. We made a roof so we can go in when it’s raining. – Hugo P1b

I liked sharing my toys with my friends. – Amelie P2a

I liked the outdoor play. – Mollie P2a

I think if we did it every day it would get boring because it wouldn’t be as special. P4/3

That was the best day of school ever. P4/3

Best school day ever! – Finlay S P7b

It was really fun cause we got to do whatever we wanted – Emma Jo P7b

We got to play with people that we don’t normally play with – Anna P7b

Best P7 day in my life yet! – Natalia P7b

Pizza for lunch and no work, it was great! – Sandy P7b

It was fun getting to play game with our friends that we really like – Ewen P7b

It was a really fun day and it was the 1st year we’ve done it, so carry it on for next year – Grace P7b

 It was a great day 😊.  Such a fab buzz about the school and in the playground. – Miss Murray P4

It was a brilliant day to celebrate the place of play in schools. We had great fun. – Miss Mackay and Mrs Moyes

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