Cross Country at Duddingston Playing Fields


On the 25th of March 2019 13 pupils from Currie Primary School aged 10-12 were selected to represent CPS at the Edinburgh School cross country final at Duddingston playing fields. It is one of the toughest and competitive races in Edinburgh. There were over 200 pupils in each race. It is 1.5k for each race. There were 4 races. These are the following races.

P6 girls, P6 boys, P7 girls, P7 boys.

The places that everyone got in Currie Primary are;

P6 girls – Skye =35th place, Kelsey=88th place, Callie =113th place

P6 boys – Jayden=50th place, Ben=71th place, Harry=108th place, Lewis=164th place

P7 girls – Jess=73rd place, Grace=154th place

P7 boys – Euan=100th place, Sandy=107th place, Alex=131st place, Ben=141st place

Skye’s mum and Mrs Elliott took us and were there to help us get warmed up, take our clothes and cheer us on. They were very proud of us as we all ran our best.

Although we were enjoying the lovely sunshine we left very quickly and got back in time to school to join in with Joe Wicks. We all slept well on Monday night.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

By Callie and Skye P6a

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