P2 STEAM day

P2  were given a special space mission yesterday! We read the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and received the terrible news that some special pants were still being kept hostage on the moon by the aliens. Luckily a rocket was due to leave the school playground this afternoon and a brave puppy had agreed to take the flight and rescue the pants. Unfortunately he was completely unprepared for space travel so P2 eagerly took on the task of making everything he would need for his mission. They created space suits and a range of equipment to keep him safe, made him a packed lunch, designed and made flags for him to place when he landed, drew maps so he would know how to get there and even made sure he had some home comforts like toys and blankets as it would be a long journey. We were amazed by their creativity and teamwork. Our pup went up on a test flight before the big launch in the playground and we look forward to hearing how he got on when he returns. If he returns!

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