On the 3rd of June 2019 15 students went to George Watsons College to participate in the Interscholastics Athletics Event.
The students who participated were:
P6 girls – Charla Pretorius, Katie Kemp, Kelsey Reid, Callie McIver, Skye Marshall.
P6 boys – Scott Campbell, Ben McDonald, Seby Lumsden, Josh Mckenzie
P7 girls – Anna Ryce and Jess McCann.
P7 boys : Sam Beaton, Sandy Bishop, Euan Ingles, Aaron McGinty.
There was boys and girls cricket ball, 300 metre relay and 80 metres sprint. The boys won a gold medal for the boys relay and Ben McDonald also won a gold medal for the boys 80 metres. We managed to set a new record for the boys P6 relay and the boys won gold medals and are the champions of 2019. Ben also won the 80m sprint and we got into the semis for the P7 relay. Callie managed to get into the semi-finals for the P6 girls 80m sprint. Skye did really well running against P7 girls in the 600 m.
Charla, Katie, Kelsey and Callie were in the P6 girls relay.
Anna, Jess, Katie and Kelsey were in the P7 relay.
Ben, Josh, Seby and Scott were in the P6 boys relay.
Sam, Sandy, Euan and Aaron were in the boys P7 relay.
Charla Pretorius and Sandy Bishop were doing the cricket ball.
Callie, Anna, Ben, Sandy for the 80 metres.
Euan for the 600m
Skye for the 600 m

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