Scots Poem

P3A have been working on alliterations in their writing! We thought you might like to read the class poem that they wrote together ahead of our Scottish Assembly tomorrow.

A Wee Poem by P3A

A haunless hurcheon hingin from a hootlet,

A cauld cuddie chappin on a coo’s door,

Twa tottie tods putting on troosers,

A peerie puggie is pentin a picture,

A broon baudran was booncin on a baffie,

A muckle moose mairried a mingin midgie,

A hummin hurcheon hingin on a hill made of haggis,

A dauncin dug doesnae drap,

A puir peerie papingo pentin a lady and pouin pechs,

A tottie tod is taking a tattie,

A haiverin hoolet howks a hole,

A braw baudran bletherin on a boat,

An eejit earn eating a moose,

A clarty cuddie cowps a coo.

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