Maths Fun Day

Maths Day

4 people from P5 went to a Maths Fun day at Merchiston Castle School. The 4 people were Alex, Shree, josh and Kai. It wasn’t too far away. When we got there, we got a drink and a biscuit then we went into the hall. Once we were there we sat at a table. There were around 8 tables in a row and each one was a station. There were different activities at each station, the easiest was making squares with blocks. We also played a game called Flow on the iPads and other maths puzzles. Lunch was delicious. After lunch we had 45 minutes to answer as many maths puzzles as we could – we were spilt into 2 teams and had to answer questions then give our answers to our team mates. This activity was a little stressful as it was timed. At the end a mathematician talked to us about Magic Squares and how they work. All in all, it was a fun day.

Josh, Kai, Alexander and Shree, P5

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