500 Words Success

Congratulations to Christian in P4B who has made it through to the next round of the BBC Radio 2 500 words Story writing competition! Christian wrote a story at home called ‘Sad, Sad Black Sheep’, which is a story with a very important moral. We are all very proud of Christian and we hope you enjoy reading his story.

Sad, Sad Black Sheep

There was a flock of white sheep who lived high up in the mountains. These sheep had curly white coats and each year they would win prizes at the County Show. Imagine their surprise one spring time when out popped a new lamb who wasn’t white. They had never had a black sheep in their flock before.  The white sheep made fun of the black sheep because they thought he was different. They thought he was dirty and they didn’t want to be his friend. Nobody played with him. Even his Mum and Dad didn’t like him as he didn’t look the same as them. Poor black sheep sat in the corner of the field every day, sadly chewing his grass. How he wished he had some friends. The other lambs played games together and had fun playing tig. They had fun together and didn’t go near the black sheep. The black sheep wanted to join in their games but they didn’t let him.

The weather grew cold and windy and thundery. It was raining. Poor little black sheep had no shelter and nobody to cuddle so he got wet and cold all by himself. All the white sheep huddled together, keeping each other warm. It started to snow the next day and suddenly the snow got very deep. The wind howled and the snow came down the mountain in deep snowdrifts. It was so deep that the sheep couldn’t be seen. They were struggling to keep their heads above the snow and were in danger of being suffocated.

The farmer who owned the sheep walked through the snow, up to the hills to look for them. Him and his sheepdog wanted to make sure they were okay but they couldn’t see the sheep in the heavy blizzard. The little black sheep started to jump away in the distance. The Farmer and his dog could see something that looked like a black ball jumping up and down. They hurried over to it and found the whole flock of sheep. Some of the white sheep were almost buried under the snow. The sheepdog managed to sniff them all out so the farmer could rescue them before they died. The sheepdog and the Farmer took all the sheep down off the hillside to a shelter near the farm.

The sheep were happy to get some shelter and were given food from the Farmer’s wife who warmed each of them up with a cosy towel. Some of the sheep were a bit shaky but they all baaaed their thanks to the little black sheep who saved their lives.

All the white sheep then accepted the little black sheep and started to play with him. He now had friends to play tig with and was really happy. He even won the “Best Sheep” prize at the County Show!

Don’t be mean to someone just because they look different to you.

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