P6s wrote some poems as part of their home learning and the theme  was ‘Doors’ which seemed appropriate as we are in lockdown, shut behind doors for our own safety and the safety of everyone else. Covid-19 has closed schools, closed shops and temporarily closed some of the things we take for granted, like playing in the park and being with our friends.

P6 previously learned about the author Kit Wright and his poem The Frozen Man and used his poem ‘The Magic Box’ to think about what could be behind a magical door. Where might it lead? What might be hiding behind it? They explored the potential that a door offers as inspiration to write a poem about what someone might see once you open the door….

First, the classes brainstormed their ideas about what might be behind the door. They shared their ideas at one of their team meet sessions to help get them started with the planning stage of being a writer.  The children used their imaginations and thought about the things, people and places they are currently missing.

Some of the poems used the repeating opener:

I opened the door and …

Some of P6 used their senses to group their ideas as you will read. Some of the children illustrated their poems as well. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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