P6 Christmas Market

This year, due to the current worldwide pandemic, we had to do our Christmas Market differently. All three P6 classes took part, but remotely, and we decided to sell our goods online. 

At the start of the project we looked on the internet to try and find the best craft designs for the Christmas Market. Then we looked to see what materials we needed to make them. Our class made Christmas Pudding hama beads and Christmas star decorations. We had to discuss how much we were going to charge (50p and 75p). On Parentpay (our online booking system for parents) we loaded our goods up and sent picturse to all parents so they could see what they looked like. People started to order our goods. We checked the figures every few days and we made the correct amounts. Some days we did a lot of Christmas crafts! The stars took a long to make, as did the hama puddings. we closed the online system on Friday 11 December and delivered all the goods on Friday 18 December. 

We also wrote letters to local businesses and at The Gyle asking for donations to our raffle. We got lots of great prizes and we made over £700 on the raffle alone! Thank you to everyone who purchased from our Christmas Market. 

We all completed various Money Sense workshops online that covered special deals, budgeting, keeping safe online, the difference between debit and credit cards and how not to get into debt. We also booked a virtual holiday within a given budget using our iPads. In our final workshop we each chose a job and were given a monthly income budget. We had to decide which property we could afford, think carefully about luxuries and work out how much we had left at the end (if anything!)

We managed to raise over £1,200. 

Josh and Grayson, P6

This year we all knew that the Christmas Market was going to be different because of coronavirus. We could not have parents coming into school or children coming to buy items. So, we decided to make an online market.

In some afternoons, we would make the products. We would have certain people painting, others glueing and others tieng. We sold the finished products on parent pay.

We wrote letters to different companies in the hope of them donating a prize for the raffle. You had the option to order a ticket. There was a generous variety of prizes up for grabs. We drew the winning tickets all altogether. Congratulations if you won!

Each class had two  given designs to make. Every pupil chose two designs in their pairs  and we voted as a class to decide which design to do. Each primary six class were  assigned two designs to make for the market.

Despite the virus we managed to make a memorable Christmas market.

Thank you if you purchased an item or several. Happy Holidays!

Isla, P6

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