Metaphor Poems by P5

We wanted to share these beautiful metaphor poems some of our P5s wrote with you.

Sun Poem 

The sun is big, bright and hot.  

It shines light down to earth  

And makes our plants grow. 

It lights up the vacuum of space  

And its rays illuminate the planets around.  

It makes people happy all year round.  

When I am happy, I am the sun. 

By Toby, P5A

The Forest

The warm sun is low in the sky, sun beams point to the different trees below.

Each tree is unique and rises to the sky, tall and strong.

The lush green grass is velvet to touch.

The muddy path weaves in and out, leading to the unknown.

When I am peaceful, I am the stillness of the forest.

By Lucas, P5B

The Sunny Wood

The golden path shimmers like a star.

Cheerful sunbeams light up the wood, bringing warmth all around.

Peaceful trees stretch up to the sky as if they are giants.

Leaves dance in the gentle breeze, swaying from side to side.

The grass is a fresh green carpet tickling my toes.

When I am happy, I am a sunny wood.

By Claire, P5B

Wave Poem

What a beautiful little wave.  

So shimmery and fun. 

Looks cool and wet, it goes well with the sun.  

The wave is so summery, and the shape is a circle.  

So nice and blue, like a reflection of the sky 

 When I am Excited, I am a wave.  

By Kacie, P5A.

Wave poem

The waves’ water is a see-through blue.

Whales swimming in the ocean.

Ripples in the sand.

Waves crashing through,

Surfers surf the wave of the very shiny blue.

The wave is a cloud, hard and soft.

Its shiny surface is a blue sun in the sea.

Dolphins jumping silently, side by side.

The seaweed is a snake, just harmless.

The deep sea is a night,

Blacker than black.

The sea is a jewel shining bright,

Like the sun.

When I am excited I am a wave.

By Cici, P5A.

The Ocean  

The ocean’s waves 

Are as sharp as a rhino’s horn. 

And the surface  

Is as sparkly as the stars in sky. 

Under the ocean  

It is as busy as a train in rush hour, 

Because it is a home 

For lots of different types of animals. 

The ocean is blue 

Just as the blue sky. 

It is just as big as Pluto. 

When I am busy, I am an ocean. 

By Brodie, P5A. 

The Waterfall

The waterfall creates

Lush plants and life.

The water rushes,

And drifts down the stream.

It is loud and cold,

But it can be quiet and warm.

The water flows,

Breaking off into different directions.

In the sun the water is transparent,

Revealing the rock formations behind it.

When I am relaxed, I am a waterfall.

By Tymek, P5A.

Bubble Poem

Round like the sun

They fly round and round

Up high to the light.

Bubbles float in the sky

So high they


I am a bubble.

By Arran, P5A.


Floating in the air,

As if they are dancing.

Light shining through,

They are clear balls in the sky.

Bumping into each other,

As if they are in a funfair.

Slowly coming down,

Ready to catch,

They are balloons that go pop!

When I am distracted, I am a bubble.

When I am calm, I am a bubble.

By Katie, P5A.


This blanket is fluffy and warm,

A bear hug in the middle of a storm.

There’s nothing to do,

Our hearts are blue,

The storm will pass

But this bear hug will last.

The world is asleep

And everything is crazy.

When I am lazy, I am a blanket.

By Lexi, P5A.


The child is serene – obsessively watching Stampy Cat.

The blanket, so snuggly, feels like my Mummy.

His chair feels as comfy as 1000 teddy bears

And his house feels warm and comforting.

When I am content, I am a child in a blanket.

By Luke, P5B.

The iceberg’s story. 

The iceberg is a vast mound of ice, 

Floating across the cyan sea. 

It is big as the Titanic, 

It is as white as the clouds that fill the sky. 

It is calm and relaxing.

It is covered with colonies of penguins, 

Nesting and bringing stones for their nests. 

When the penguins are here, 

It is as noisy as an overflowing river going downstream. 

It is cold like the Antarctic because of how frozen it is, 

It is a cloudless sky. 

Silent as a mouse when the penguins have gone. 

When I am relaxed, I am an iceberg. 

 By Ben, P5A.


The Fireworks were big, bright, fun and colourful. 

Loud noises went  


& FIZZ!!! 

On that night children went running about with sparklers. 

They were beautiful, spectacular lights. 

There were Catherine wheels, Rockets, Shooting Stars and Flying Saucers. 

Cold, hot chocolate, wrapped up, warm. 

When I’m HAPPY I am a Firework!!! 

By Meryn, P5A.

The Volcano

The volcano erupted as suddenly as a firework, 

With a waterfall of molten lava cascading down the side, 

And clouds of black smoke filling the sky, 

It’s fire of hell reaching down towards the sea. 

When I am ANGRY I am a volcano! 

By Christian, P5B.

My Beautiful Pond

The rocks gleam in the sunshine.

The orange fish are gemstones bobbing in the water.

The calm water gently ripples in the soft breeze.

The lily pad is as green as new leaves in Spring as they float along.

When I am relaxed, I am a frog on a lily pad in a beautiful, still pond.

By Hannah, P5B.

The Pond

The sky is crystal clear and baby blue.

The ice-cold water fills the air with the smell of seaweed.

The huge wave is loudly crashing, showing its turquoise swirls.

A shimmering rainbow appears in the spray.

When I am confident, I am a mighty wave.

By Keira, P5B.

The Reflection Pond

The calm water cleans my thoughts and it is cool to touch.

The tiny fish are as gentle as leaves, floating into the water.

The light gives a warm glow to my reflection.

The lily pads hover around me.

When I am happy and present, I am a pond.

By Cameron, P5B.

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