Girls 4 Tech

On Monday 26 – Wednesday 28 April, all primary 6 girls took part in two sessions to learn all about girls working with technology. We learned what STEM meant (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and all things digital. In the first session we learned what technology is and how old it is, and how we use it so much in our everyday lives. We also thought about what type of people we are and how this works in the world of STEM/technology. During the second session, we found out about encryption and coding, which keeps our personal information safe. We learned about how we all have a digital footprint and how the big companies (such as Mastercard) can data cluster what we buy to detect fraud if our card was used for something unusual. We learned that there are lots of technology jobs out there and lots of skills you can learn along the way in order to get one of these jobs in the future. We really enjoyed both sessions and possible careers in this industry.

by Anum Nagi (P6a) and Mrs Strange

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