P7 Kayaking

Last week P7 went to Port Edgar Water Centre to do kayaking and paddle boarding. Our instructors were Ali and Ben. They were friendly and helpful. They made us feel safe and confident in the water.

‘It was scary when we went on the paddle boards and I fell in. I got more confident after falling in as I knew I could float, and I could stand up on the paddle board. At first it was hard and then I got good at it We did a slip and slide and played a game of Gladiators where we were in pairs on the big paddle board and   tried to push each other until we fell off and went into the water’. (Dean).

‘I think the kayaking was more relaxed as I could sit on the kayak and not worry about capsizing.’ (Aidan) 

‘We did races to get the ball. We were in three teams. Race 1 was to the yellow buoy and back. Race 2 was when we had to kneel on top of the board turned upside down and the third race was when we sat on the back of the kayak.  I liked playing tig on the paddle boards’ (Dean)

‘Jumping off the pier was my favourite part of the day’. (Aidan)

‘The slip and slide was my favourite activity although I ran and got stuck in the middle of it’. (Isabella).

‘We stood on the tyre barrier’. (Fraser and Brodie)

‘We enjoyed when we slipped off the paddle boards and did Walk the Plank’. (Sushritha)

Finlay and Lawrence said’ We liked playing the game of Gladiators even though we lost against Connor and Calum.’ ‘I liked the wet suits and helmets’, (Lawrence)

Connor said, ‘I liked the basketball game when we were on kayaks and through the ball in the water.’ 

‘I preferred the paddle boarding as it was harder to share the kayaks.’ (Skye) 

‘I enjoyed not falling in and felt more balanced than the paddle boarding.’ (Aiden)

‘It was a great place to have a full day filled with fun activities. The paddle boarding was my favourite activity and thanks to Ben and Ali for being great instructors!’. (Dylan)

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