Have you recently been wondering what Currie Primary have been doing? Well read on to find out! 

P5/6, P5a and P5b have been hard at work designing amazing masks based on Carnival. Here is the process:

1.First the pupils researched some of these bold, colourful and flamboyant masks and designs.

2.Next they got some A3 paper and added some materials and pictures for inspiration. These are called mood boards.

3.After that the students designed plans of their creative masks.

4.Then they took regular eye masks and decided they were too flimsy, so they added Modroc to them. Modroc is a specific fabric that you dip in water and smooth down on card and when it dries it is as hard as rock. 

5.When the Modroc was dry. They painted them bold, bright and beautiful colours.

6. Finally they added feathers, glitter and pom-poms.

To conclude the unit, they had a colourful parade to exhibit their beautiful carnival themed masks. “I was astounded at the creativity and imagination of all the pupils!” said Sarah Sharpe. (P5/6 class teacher.) It is clear that it was fun for all!

By Amy Melchels

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