One Kind Word

As part of our Anti-bullying week P5A wrote this class poem, called One Kind Word.

One kind word

Is more than just one word.

Will make a massive difference

Will make someone feel nurtured

Will make someone feel good

Everyone should be kind

Everyone should feel loved

Everyone should be treated the same

No matter their shape or size.

One kind word

Will change someone’s day

Will make a massive difference

Will make someone feel less alone

Will make someone feel warm inside

Will make them feel true to themselves

Will put a smile on a face

Will make someone feel happy

Will make the world a better place.

One kind word

Just be kind

Everyone is precious

Everyone will be included

Everyone will feel happy

Everyone should be a good human

Everyone has the right to be happy.

One kind word

Be yourself

Kindness makes the world go around

Just be you

I can do it and so can you

Let’s be us and try

Can you say

One kind word?

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