Zimbabwean Art Work

P5/4 were Zimbabwe in our Olympic Themed Sports Day earlier this month and decided to do a mini topic learning a little more about the country. They have looked at the landscapes, climate, wildlife, food and so on as well as creating some beautiful art work. Due to current restrictions on visitors to the classroom P5/4 are keen to display their work here for everyone to see.

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P7 Picnic in the Park

Great fun was had by everyone at our P7 picnic this afternoon to celebrate the end of P7. The sun shone and everyone enjoyed delicious pizza delivered by Bocca Bona Pizza in Balerno.

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Summer Themed Lunch

Our dinner staff made a delicious summer themed lunch today!

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Sadly there is no Currie Show this year but the committee are inviting you to use your cameras or mobiles to show the world what you have been growing or making this summer.  The categories are Flowers, Fruit & Veg, Baking, Crafts and for the little ones only – Junior makes. They will accept photographs by email (currieshow@gmail.com) from mid-July until 27th August when they will be shared on our website (www.currieshow.org) on virtual Show Day 28th August as a Photographic Exhibition.

Sheila Mason

Show Secretary

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P7 Kayaking

Last week P7 went to Port Edgar Water Centre to do kayaking and paddle boarding. Our instructors were Ali and Ben. They were friendly and helpful. They made us feel safe and confident in the water.

‘It was scary when we went on the paddle boards and I fell in. I got more confident after falling in as I knew I could float, and I could stand up on the paddle board. At first it was hard and then I got good at it We did a slip and slide and played a game of Gladiators where we were in pairs on the big paddle board and   tried to push each other until we fell off and went into the water’. (Dean).

‘I think the kayaking was more relaxed as I could sit on the kayak and not worry about capsizing.’ (Aidan) 

‘We did races to get the ball. We were in three teams. Race 1 was to the yellow buoy and back. Race 2 was when we had to kneel on top of the board turned upside down and the third race was when we sat on the back of the kayak.  I liked playing tig on the paddle boards’ (Dean)

‘Jumping off the pier was my favourite part of the day’. (Aidan)

‘The slip and slide was my favourite activity although I ran and got stuck in the middle of it’. (Isabella).

‘We stood on the tyre barrier’. (Fraser and Brodie)

‘We enjoyed when we slipped off the paddle boards and did Walk the Plank’. (Sushritha)

Finlay and Lawrence said’ We liked playing the game of Gladiators even though we lost against Connor and Calum.’ ‘I liked the wet suits and helmets’, (Lawrence)

Connor said, ‘I liked the basketball game when we were on kayaks and through the ball in the water.’ 

‘I preferred the paddle boarding as it was harder to share the kayaks.’ (Skye) 

‘I enjoyed not falling in and felt more balanced than the paddle boarding.’ (Aiden)

‘It was a great place to have a full day filled with fun activities. The paddle boarding was my favourite activity and thanks to Ben and Ali for being great instructors!’. (Dylan)

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Lots of support in school today for Scotland! Maybe next time….

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Sports Day 2021

Finally, I have managed to edit through hundreds of Sports Day photos and put ‘some’ on the website for everyone to see! It really was a fun day and the weather was just perfect. We hope you manage to get a flavour of the fun and excitement from these pictures. Congratulations to the Golden Eagles who came first!

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Community for Food

Many of you will be aware of Community for Food, a local initiative set up at the start of this year to help local families in need  with food provision.  Families with young people attending Currie and Balerno High Schools, Deanpark, Currie, Nether Currie and Juniper Green Primary Schools are all covered, referral is made to us from the Schools.  Since January up to 50 families a week have been assisted with fresh food and larder provisions, toiletries and cleaning products.  We accept donations of food at Juniper Green Village Hall every Saturday from 11am – 12 noon and we also have a paypal account for donations for fresh food.  Every penny donated goes to supplying food to the families, however, our funds are now really depleted and we currently only have enough left to supply fresh food for the next couple of weeks.  We are therefore reaching out to our school community and families to ask, if you are able, could you help by giving a small donation? Or do you work for a Company that might consider a donation? Our paypal address for donations is Community for Food (paypal.com) or feel free to contact us via our Facebook page or email us at communityforfood@gmail.com. Many thanks.

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Building Bridges at Currie Primary School

On the 29th of April, all of the P7’s got the chance to design and build bridges with Edinburgh College. We got put into small groups and then we learnt about the different types of bridges. We went on a TEAMS call to learn about how we could make our bridges stronger using tension and compression.

We got a pack of items including card, paper, string, split pins, straws, elastic bands and a limited amount of tape that we could use to make our bridges . We got about 2 and a half hours to plan and build our bridges.

Then we tested our first bridge and it held 2.2kg! We went on another TEAMS call and got to show some of the bridges to Edinburgh College and the other classes. The winning bridge in our class held an amazing amount of 4.5kg!

This was a fun experience and we all thank Edinburgh college for giving us this opportunity!

Fergus, P7B

On the 29th of April P7b did a STEM building challenge with Edinburgh College . The challenge was to make a bridge which holds the most weight. 

We had to make them out of paper strips, paper straws, a piece of string, some cellotape, 2 pieces of card, 2 pieces of paper and 2 elastic bands.

We went on a teams call with 4 other classes and people from Edinburgh college. They taught us all how tension and compression works and what designs work best they also told us how to use the resources we had to make our bridges. Then they gave us about 2 hours to make them.

We made our bridges by using some of the techniques like tying paper straws together using string and strengthening the base by using card paper and straws then we tested them with weights and then went on a call and showed the other classes and they showed us theirs.

The winning team got 4500g, 2nd got 2900g and 3rd (my team)got 2200g.

We had lots of fun!

Fia, P7B

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Girls 4 Tech

On Monday 26 – Wednesday 28 April, all primary 6 girls took part in two sessions to learn all about girls working with technology. We learned what STEM meant (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and all things digital. In the first session we learned what technology is and how old it is, and how we use it so much in our everyday lives. We also thought about what type of people we are and how this works in the world of STEM/technology. During the second session, we found out about encryption and coding, which keeps our personal information safe. We learned about how we all have a digital footprint and how the big companies (such as Mastercard) can data cluster what we buy to detect fraud if our card was used for something unusual. We learned that there are lots of technology jobs out there and lots of skills you can learn along the way in order to get one of these jobs in the future. We really enjoyed both sessions and possible careers in this industry.

by Anum Nagi (P6a) and Mrs Strange

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