Telling Jokes Challenge

This week’s whole school nurture task is telling jokes – here are a couple that have been sent it! K

What type of hairdo do bees get?



Why did the boy throw the clock out of the window?

To see time fly😂

Grayson P5A and Penny P2A

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Dairy Farming

Keira in P4A made this fantastic video as part of her home learning. We all think she has a future career in film making! we hope you enjoy watching.

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Home Learning week 8

Lovely  to see the great work still coming in, lots of beautiful friendship flowers, art challenges, writing and Sports Day events. We  are really delighted with the work  being shared on Teams too. Good job everyone!


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Sports Day at Home

Ruairi and Eilidh sent us a copy of their Sports Day Movie – looks like lots of fun!

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Sports Day 2020

Sports Day today! Here are some new Sports Day activities to try at home – have fun!

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Message from Ms Hourston

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School Uniform Day

Thank you to everyone for taking part in the School Uniform day today while working at home and sending in these lovely photographs. This event was suggested by another school in Edinburgh and seems to have gone nationwide with lots of children and members of staff all across the country wearing their school uniforms while working at home. A fun twist on the non-uniform days we normally take part in!

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Working from home week 6

Some examples of the fabulous daily art challenges we have received this week.

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Blue Peter Badge

SSA gold 2019(1)

Congratulations to Emma who received a Blue Peter Badge this week.

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