Playground equipment

Our Pupil Council enjoyed unpacking all the new active equipment they ordered with the daffodil bulb money they raised last term for everyone to play with at break and lunch times. We have a variety of balls, stilts, skipping ropes, diablos and smiley space hoppers!

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Parenting Smart

Place2Be has launched Parenting Smart a new website resource for parents and carers of 4-11 year olds. A Place2Be survey of 962 parents found that around half (52%) of parents of 4-11 year-olds have felt isolated during the pandemic, and almost half (48%) of parents felt they would have benefitted from advice about how to manage their children’s behaviour during this time. Place2Be developed Parenting Smart to help parents and carers support their children’s mental health, and manage their behaviour. It is completely free to use and access. Developed by Place2Be’s parenting experts, the site is full of tips and advice on a range of topics including transition to secondary school, meltdown and sleep difficulties. 

Learn more at parentingsmart.org.uk.

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Our Community, Our World and Our Harvest Assembly

In our topic Our Community, Our world we have compared Scotland and China and looked at things that are the same and things that are different. We researched the climate, population, capital city, festivals, foods, flags and famous people in China. We have also learned about our local shops. When we did that we went on a walk around our local areas. We also looked at food banks and how they help people. We talked about who might use them and why they might use them and what would be good to donate. We sent letters to the local shops to ask them to donate food to the local Food bank and we designed posters to put up in Scotmid to tell people that the Food bank is running. We have also looked at 3 of the sustaianable goals. Number 1 no poverty, number 2 Zero hunger and number 10 reduced inequalities. 

At our Harvest Assembly we learned about the work Community for Food does and collected food for the Community for Food food bank. Mrs Brown who runs the food bank came to school to pick up our donations.

By Ava and Marla P5b

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P6 and P6/5 enjoyed celebrating their Jacobites topic with singing, dancing, irn-bru and shortbread!

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Have you recently been wondering what Currie Primary have been doing? Well read on to find out! 

P5/6, P5a and P5b have been hard at work designing amazing masks based on Carnival. Here is the process:

1.First the pupils researched some of these bold, colourful and flamboyant masks and designs.

2.Next they got some A3 paper and added some materials and pictures for inspiration. These are called mood boards.

3.After that the students designed plans of their creative masks.

4.Then they took regular eye masks and decided they were too flimsy, so they added Modroc to them. Modroc is a specific fabric that you dip in water and smooth down on card and when it dries it is as hard as rock. 

5.When the Modroc was dry. They painted them bold, bright and beautiful colours.

6. Finally they added feathers, glitter and pom-poms.

To conclude the unit, they had a colourful parade to exhibit their beautiful carnival themed masks. “I was astounded at the creativity and imagination of all the pupils!” said Sarah Sharpe. (P5/6 class teacher.) It is clear that it was fun for all!

By Amy Melchels

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A tour of our classrooms

As we have not yet been able to invite parents and carers into school we thought you might enjoy a quick look around school ahead of parents evenings.

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Maths Week

Maths Week was great fun with lots of interesting and exciting additional maths games and activities going on, including BBC audio quizzes which classes loved and lots of outdoor maths. P7 made parabolic curves and multiplication games and P4 made times tables arrays using natural materials and played a game with sticks and numbers called Challenge 15. 

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European Languages Day Celebrations

We enjoyed celebrating European Languages Day in school with Flamenco lessons, Spanish guitar music by Issac, our phrase of the day and lots of other fun activities.

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Edinburgh Primary Schools Football Team Trials

This morning we went to Meggetland to take part in the Edinburgh Primary Schools Football Team. All primary schools are invited to send players from their school to take aprt in these trials and we were selected to represent Currie Primary. When we got there we were split into different groups and after a warm up and some movement and passing  drills we played games. We really enjoyed it.

Merissa, Elgin James and Connor, P7

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PTA Update

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the delay in announcing the £100 note winner. We’ve had some issues withdrawing the note as not all branches have them available. 
The £100 note was collected from the bank on Friday afternoon. The winning serial number was 604. However as no one had picked this number, we selected the person closest. We can confirm our winner is Elaine Duffy. Elaine collected her £100 on Friday evening. Well done Elaine. 
Myself and michayla would like to thank each and every single person that purchased a ticket for the £100 note competition and the raffle.

The raffle has made a total of £570 and the £100 note has taken in £323. This is an amazing amount of money raised and we’re are delighted. 
Thank you again for all your support. Our next PTA meeting will be held on Monday 27th Sept at 7pm. We hope to see some new faces join us and bring some new ideas to the table. 

Thanks Stacie 

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