PTA Beetle Drive

A big thank you to everyone who came along to support our Beetle Drive yesterday evening – we hope everyone enjoyed a very competitive event! The Beetle Drive raised £85! Thank you to everyone on the PTA for organising this fun evening!

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Currie Primary School Sticker Book

Sticker book

As you know we have a new exciting activity for your kids this year ~ the school Sticker Books!!!

The P7 pupils will be coordinating this fund raising enterprise for us throughout the year.

Our photographer has already taken pictures of your child on Monday & Tuesday. Anyone who didn’t get their photo taken will have another chance on Sept 22nd. He has taken great care to ensure the photos are of the best quality possible.

Here is some more information on the sticker books:

  • These pictures will be converted into paper stickers which can then be collected for filling the sticker books.
  • There will be one book for Nursery, P1, P2 and P3 and a second book for P4, P5, P6 and P7. Each class, Nursery to P7 will have a section of the album and the children will be able to collect the stickers to complete their album or their section of the album.
  • You will get a free sticker book with any order of school photographs or you will have the opportunity to purchase a sticker book if you are not purchasing school photos this year.
  • Each sticker pack will contain 5 random stickers for and will cost 50p. The sticker packs will only contain stickers for the book your child is collecting. Sticker packs will also be used as rewards in the school where children can ‘win’ sticker books for good behaviour etc. The stickers
  • If you want a particular sticker you can also order these individually.
  • There are a few examples of these types of sticker books in school if you would like to get an idea of what our sticker book will be like.
  • Also as communicated previously only the children’s first names will appear in the sticker album so everyone knows where to sticker the stickers. No other personal details will be included.

If you would like to find out more about our school sticker book or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Caroline Brown                                                                                                                                       Parent Council

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Nursery Newsletter


The September nursery newsletter is now available to read here  September 17 Nursery Newsletter

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Expansion of Free Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland


National survey on the expansion of free early learning and childcare in Scotland

 As you’ll be aware the Scottish Government is planning to nearly double the hours of free early learning and childcare by 2020. Because the views of parents and carers are crucial for the success of this expansion, the Government has commissioned independent researchers to undertake a survey of parents. It is now asking for your help in sharing the survey link ( with as many parents of 0-5 year old children in your community as possible.

All parents taking part will have the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw and have the chance to win one of 10 x GBP100 cash prizes.

The survey is carried out for the Scottish Government by Craigforth, an independent research company. If you have any questions about this survey please send a message to:

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PTA Beetle Drive


Wednesday 13th September is our Family Beetle Drive Evening, organised by the PTA. It takes place in the Main Hall from 6.30pm to 8 pm. £1 entry for adults & 50p for kids – refreshments included. We also have a game of stand-up bingo half-way through which is 50p a ticket.
The Beetle Drive is a fantastic fun social evening for both children and parents – if you’ve never played before it’s an easy game!  The children will have had a wee game in school prior to the evening to practise!
All welcome, especially those who are new to the school – great way to meet other parents and you are more than welcome to bring other friends and family.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Currie Primary PTA

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P7 at Dukeshouse Wood

IMAG0991 (2)

We are all well at camp! We have had a couple of action packed days with everyone taking part in a variety of activities. Yesterday saw us all starting on some of the climbing challenges with almost everyone making it to the top of the Leap of Faith and everyone working really well on Jacob’s Ladder to get their teams as high as they could – even Miss Nicholson and Mr Mackenzie! This morning saw the first of our groups on the 3G swing, something everyone has been really looking forward to! The weather is good, the food has been great and the dorms are being kept pretty tidy!! It was around 11.20 pm last night when the last dorm fell silent…and 6.45 am this morning before the first of the boys dorms woke….the girls all had to be woken up!

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PTA Newsletter August 17

 Meet the team and read the latest news from your school’s PTA


PTA Newsleter August 17


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Welcome back to school and welcome to all our new parents, we hope you all had a great summer.

We are trying something new this year. Instead of the After School Club Application Form being put in school bags, it is now on the school website and a ParentPay communication has been sent.  Hard copies are available from the school office.

Please print, and complete the form and return to us in an envelope marked for the attention of Currie PTA by Monday 4th September. A member of the PTA will be in reception during “meet the teacher” on Monday 4th September for any questions and if any one wants to return their forms then.  This enables the PTA time to organise the clubs ready to start the week beginning 18th September. We appreciate that P7 are currently away on camp, therefore P7 forms do not need to be returned until Wednesday 6th September.

We would like to point out that the list is only an initial guideline; times and days may change or clubs may not go ahead if insufficient numbers sign up.   Some clubs may be added at a later stage.


Payments will also be collected differently this year. On the first day of each club, we will have a registration day, and this is when payment is due. A member of the PTA will be in reception, and will collect money due for the term then.

As with previous years we require a parent to be on the rota each week for most clubs. This should only be about once per term so if you are unable to do this you must arrange for someone to cover for you.   If your child leaves the club during the term then the parent must still arrange for the rota to be covered. Please note that if parents are contiuously not turning up, then the club will have to be cancelled.


 Thank You


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P7 at Dukeshouse Wood

P7 arrived safely at camp just after 12.00 pm this afternoon! After a delicious lunch of jacket potatoes and making our beds we were straight into activities – a bust programme of archery, shelter building, orienteering, night line, indoor climbing and team tech! Tonight we have Trail of Mystery, followed by supper. We look forward an action packed day tomorrow! Everyone is working hard and having fun!

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Building Resilience Programme – information for parents and carers

In assembly on Friday we introduced the next part of the Building Resilience programme we are following. We once more meet Skipper, the character we explore each concept with as he navigates the river of life in his boat. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at Growth Mindsets. Below is a description of the Challenge your mindset unit for your information as well as suggested activities you might like to do at home with your child or children.


“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”


People who believe that we are born artists, athletes or scientists have a fixed mindset about themselves and others. They believe that learning potential and ability are fixed and can be measured. People with a growth mindset believe that effort, not just ability, leads to success.

Through this unit, we will encourage children to recognise that challenges, mistakes and problems happen every day in learning activities and social interactions. They will learn that how we respond to those difficulties has an impact on how we see ourselves. This helps us shape our own learning and how we handle the next problem that comes our way.

ski In this unit, Skipper gives up when he finds something hard to do. He learns the importance of developing a growth mindset. Skipper helps the children to see that with effort and practise they can overcome problems by challenging their mindset, so that things that once seemed challenging become easier.

In this unit, we will be learning that:

  • Who we are and what we are good at, is not fixed.
  • The way we think, feel or learn, shapes our brain
  • I can change through the choices I make.

Talk it Over:

Share with your child about a time you used a growth mindset when you were faced with a challenge or set back.

Home Activity:

Changing your words, can help you to change your mindset, e.g. Instead of saying: I’m not good at this, try saying: Mistakes are proof that I am trying. Support your child to create their own ‘DoodleArt’ poster of a growth mindset phrase and bring it into school to add to our display.

Key Book: ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds

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