Fitness Friday HIT Workout

We all enjoyed our first ‘Fitness Friday’ HIT work out in school this morning and we hope you all did too! Thank you to Mr Mackenzie, Mrs Pope, Miss Mckay and Mr McArthur for organising and leading this event. Joe Wicks was very impressed when Mrs Holt sent him a copy of the video she took! See you all at 8.30 am next Friday morning for our next session!

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Down’s Syndrome Scotland’s Lots of Sock Day

Thank you to everyone who wore odd or brightly coloured socks to school today in support of Down’S Syndrome Scotland’s Lots of Sock Day!

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Play Talk Read Bus

Play Bus

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May Fayre Hampers

May Fayre Hampers

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Lots of Socks Day

Lots of Socks Day

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Look on the Bright Side

We launched the next theme in our Building Resilience assemblies on Friday,’ Look on the Bright Side’. We will be focussing on this theme for the next few weeks.

skipper Look on the Bright Side – Parent and Carer Guide

We can all look at the same situation from different perspectives. Sometimes the way we think about things that happen to us, can have a bigger impact on our wellbeing than the event itself.

When we get stuck in the negative, research has found that questioning and challenging some of our thinking or focusing on the positive things in our life or what we are grateful for can be a helpful way to change our mood. Resilient people are not immune to change, misfortune or adversity. They are better able to make sense of their experiences, by finding meaning and perspective in order to help them to move forward.

In this unit, Skipper overhears an unkind comment about him. The comments go round and round in his head and he starts to believe that they may be true. Using his ‘Helpful, Thinking Helmet’ he is able to question these thoughts and find ways to feel better.

In this unit, we will be learning that:

  • The way you think can affect the way you feel.
  • There are different ways of looking at the same thing.
  • Focusing on what you are grateful for can help.

Talk it Over:                                                                                                                         

Talk to your child about the things you are grateful for in your life.

Family Task:                                                                                                                            

Create your own Memory Jar of things that you are grateful for. Your jar will help you to build and remember memories to help you through difficult times and help you to savour the positive moments in your life. Please send in copies of Memory Jars to share in assembly on Friday 31 May 2019.

 Key Book: ‘Tiger, Tiger, is it true?’ by Byron Katie

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Front border

Many thanks to everyone who came in to school on Saturday morning to help clear out and plant up the border along the front of school. In just 2 ½ hours our green fingered team weeded the border, chopped up the soil, mixed in some new top soil and planted all our new plants. The border looks amazing and will add colour and interest throughout the year. Some of the plants we planted include

  1. Prostrate Rosemary – evergreen, low growing, small blue flowers early spring, good early nectar
  2. Stipa tenuisima – lovely pale grass, looks good all year round, lovely to touch.
  3. Perovskia ‘Little Spire’ – small shrub with silver leaves and blue flowers in summer time-great for bees
  4. Salvia officinalis- sage – evergreen, low growing shrub, early summer bees
  5. Purple fennel – lovely feathery leaves, providing ‘landing pads’ for insects, shape and form to the planting and winter interest.
  6. Salvia verticillata ‘Hannays Blue’ – striking blue flower spikes for bees
  7. Achillea ‘Summerwine’ -lovely landing pads for insects, striking colour, long lasting flower
  8. Erysium ‘Winter Orchid’ – great for early and late nectar for bees- will just keep flowering
  9. Oregano ‘Herrenhausen’ -loved by bees and butterflies
  10. Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’ – lovely striking tall plant, flowering late summer onwards-great for bees and butterflies.

A huge thank you to Ms Evans for the time and though she spent designing and sourcing the plants for our border and in leading our work yesterday.

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Currie Horticultural Society Annual Show

Hello everybody.

I am Sheila Mason and I am Show Secretary for the above.  As a Society we have been having an Annual Show for more than a hundred years – this year will be our 141st – which must make us about the oldest Society in our area.  It began when Currie was a village surrounded by farmland and big houses with big gardens employing gardeners and also villagers who grew there own fruit and vegetables.   Our Show nowadays is held in Balerno Community High School but for very many years was held in the now demolished Currie Primary School.  There are many classes in the Show for Plants, Fruit, Flowers and Vegetables on the Horticultural side and we also have classes for Floral Art, Baking, Preserves, Needlework, and Handcrafts on the Industrial side.  What I should like to draw your attention to at this time is about the classes we have for your children to attempt.   Currie has always been very supportive of our Show and the pupils have had the distinction of gaining medals and certificates for their efforts over the years.  We also encourage under 14s to enter the classes for Beginners and for this now is the time of year to sow seeds for some of the items listed on our Schedule of classes for the Show being held this year on Saturday 31st August.  The full list is available on our website  Of course a visit to the Show is a most pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon so watch out for our printed Schedule of classes at the local Post Office and some other local shops and perhaps you might just find something to capture your attention in our listings to be able to make an entry.

My grateful thanks to all at Currie for allowing me to write to you all so that you can help your children to participate in the Show.

Sheila Mason

Show Secretary


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Staff up-date


Congratulations to Mrs Hattersley who got married during the Easter holidays! We wanted to let you all know that Mrs Hattersley has changed her name and is now Mrs Wilson.

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Currie FC

Currie FC 2013 intake

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