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Easter 19

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Cross Country at Duddingston Playing Fields


On the 25th of March 2019 13 pupils from Currie Primary School aged 10-12 were selected to represent CPS at the Edinburgh School cross country final at Duddingston playing fields. It is one of the toughest and competitive races in Edinburgh. There were over 200 pupils in each race. It is 1.5k for each race. There were 4 races. These are the following races.

P6 girls, P6 boys, P7 girls, P7 boys.

The places that everyone got in Currie Primary are;

P6 girls – Skye =35th place, Kelsey=88th place, Callie =113th place

P6 boys – Jayden=50th place, Ben=71th place, Harry=108th place, Lewis=164th place

P7 girls – Jess=73rd place, Grace=154th place

P7 boys – Euan=100th place, Sandy=107th place, Alex=131st place, Ben=141st place

Skye’s mum and Mrs Elliott took us and were there to help us get warmed up, take our clothes and cheer us on. They were very proud of us as we all ran our best.

Although we were enjoying the lovely sunshine we left very quickly and got back in time to school to join in with Joe Wicks. We all slept well on Monday night.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

By Callie and Skye P6a

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The Give and Gain festival


Tuesday 26th March was a lovely sunny morning and P5 from Currie Primary had the opportunity to go to the Oriam to the Give and Gain festival.

We were excited and ready for a day full of surprises.  After an early start, we showed respect to the environment by walking to our destination.  The walk filled our lungs with fresh clean oxygen ready to participate in sports.  It felt amazing.  We knew that winning wouldn’t matter, because we would still have fun taking part.

We were welcomed like kings and queens by a tunnel of powerfully cheering adults as we ran into the gargantuan hall.  We also met our two team helpers who encouraged us to create an amazing team spirit. We were confident sharing our chants and our colourful banner.

We played rugby with some new people and got to use all the skills we have learnt as we sprinted from one place to the other.  We had to make 3 passes and no dropped ball in order to score. We passed the ball to each other like professionals with determination and skill.

We loved the golf because it was so new.  We planted our legs and with all our might and energy we smashed that ball onto that dart board – we might have missed the centre, we might have missed the board itself, but we took part and had fun.

We needed to show team spirit concentrating and using our vision.

We got a short lunch break and liked the mascot race before heading off to our next activities.

In the judo we tried to escape from our partners but it was tough. We took our partners and threw them to the ground as hard as a diamond.

After all this fun, some people thought of entering in a club or starting a new sport.

At the end we sang our sing for the last time and all sat back on the judo mats.  We were waiting … And when one of our teams won the massive Team Spirit trophy, we couldn’t speak!

We walked back through the woods feeling very proud of how we cheered teams on to encourage them to keep going.  The day was awesome and amazing. We would definitely consider going back every year if we could.

By Sophie-Marie, Ebtisam, Lawrence, and Yanis

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Earth Hour

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HIT Workout at CPS!

We all enjoyed a HIT workout with Joe Wicks this morning in school, thank you to Mrs Holt for organising this for us! 18 000 schools applied to be part of Joe’s school tour of the UK and we were one of only 17 chosen! Before coming to Currie Joe had visited two other schools in the city as part of this tour and left us to go to a school in Hamilton. We were also joined by a film crew from BBC Scotland which added an extra layer of excitement, filming for a programme called The Edit! Watch the BBC Scottish News tonight at 6.30 pm and again at 9.00 pm as there is a chance we may be on! As soon as we know the details of when we will be featured we will let you know! Mrs Holt and some of our pupils were interviewed both for the BBC and for Joe’s own Instagram and YouTube channel and Joe posed for selfies with staff and pupils as well as signing some book and autographs too.

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Comic Relief 2019

Well done to all the pupils at Currie Primary who managed to raise a fantastic £1275.46 for Comic Relief. P7 braved the elements for ‘Splat the P7’ and complained very little despite being hit by wet sponges. Congratulations to Finlay in P7 who won the stationary hamper for guess the marbles in the jar! Thank you to those that contributed to and bought from our bake sale which completely sold out. It is fantastic to see the whole school united for a great cause.


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Fairtrade Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who popped in for coffee and cake on Friday morning during our Fairtrade Coffee Morning. It was lovely to see so many parents, carers and family members in school. The fairtrade Coffee Morning raised £121 which our Fairtrade group will spend on more fairtrade resources for school. Well done To Mrs Mcglynn and everyone on our fairtrade Council for organising such a lovely event to end Fairtrade fortnight in school.

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World Book Day at Currie Primary School

We all enjoyed World Book Day in school this year. All of our classes were involved in a number of activities celebrating authors, illustrators, books, and most importantly reading as well as writing their own stories. P6 and P7 enjoyed an author visit from a local author Kath Letham who read an extract from her latest book and answered questions from the children.  Some people dressed up characters from our favourite books and looked amazing.

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