I opened a Book by Max, P5

It is fantastic to see all of our class working so hard since we returned after the summer holidays. P5 are currently working on a black of poetry and we thought you might all enjoy reading this beautiful poem by Max.

I opened a book and in I ran
Now nobody can see me 

I left my bed, my school, my van, 

My village, my galaxy behind me. 

I’ve slipped on the ring, I’m using the wand

I’ve devoured delicious pasta bakes.

I swam in a green mucky pond

I’ve eaten Hagrid’s green rock cakes.

I travelled by rooftop and met a boy

As agile as a bat.

I saw a man turned into a toy

I found a castle key under a mat.

I’m done with my book and out I come

The words can no longer hide me.

My bed and my van are just the same

But I have a tale inside me.

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