PTA Update

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the delay in announcing the £100 note winner. We’ve had some issues withdrawing the note as not all branches have them available. 
The £100 note was collected from the bank on Friday afternoon. The winning serial number was 604. However as no one had picked this number, we selected the person closest. We can confirm our winner is Elaine Duffy. Elaine collected her £100 on Friday evening. Well done Elaine. 
Myself and michayla would like to thank each and every single person that purchased a ticket for the £100 note competition and the raffle.

The raffle has made a total of £570 and the £100 note has taken in £323. This is an amazing amount of money raised and we’re are delighted. 
Thank you again for all your support. Our next PTA meeting will be held on Monday 27th Sept at 7pm. We hope to see some new faces join us and bring some new ideas to the table. 

Thanks Stacie 

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